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Correctional Service Canada's (CSC's) Research Branch works towards continuing to improve correctional results through excellence in research and innovation. Our research is forward thinking and innovative. It offers tools and approaches to address the challenges faced by the federal correctional system today and tomorrow.


Publication types

Research at a glance (RAAG)

Provides an overview and highlights key findings of a Research Report or Brief.

Research review (RR)

Provides a summary of an area of research pertinent to on-going research efforts and/or organizational priorities (e.g., literature review; summary of a given article). It does not result in another form of publication. It permits the sharing of information that may not have otherwise been disseminated.

Emerging research results (ERR)

Provides a summary of emerging findings from one or several related research reports underway. This permits advance dissemination of research that will be of immediate relevance to the organization, its staff, or offenders.

Research in brief (RIB) (previously research snippets: RS)

Provides a summary of ad hoc research requests that will not otherwise appear in a Research Report or a Brief.

Research report (R)

A full text document detailing the context or background, methodology, analysis, results and a discussion of findings for a given research project.

Brief (B)

Similar to a Research Report in that it provides information on background, methodology, analysis and results, but is generally more focused and shorter in length.

Disclaimer: Research briefs are not available through the Government of Canada website. To obtain a PDF, please contact:

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