DAOD 5029-0, Civilian Staffing

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2005-12-23

Effective Date: 2005-12-31

Application: This is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members) who act as managers or supervisors of DND employees.

Supersession: DND Civilian Staffing Directive

Approval Authority: Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian) (ADM(HR-Civ)).

Enquiries: Director General Workforce Development (DGWD)

2. Policy Direction


2.1 DND shall adhere to legislation, regulations and policies that govern staffing in the public service, including:

  1. the Public Service Employment Act (PSEA);
  2. the Public Service Employment Regulations;
  3. policies established by the:
    1. Public Service Commission;
    2. Treasury Board; and
    3. Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer;
  4. the DND Directive on the Staffing of Civilian Bilingual Positions; and
  5. DND Guidelines on Staffing Options.

2.2 Pursuant to section 15 of the PSEA, the Deputy Minister (DM) of the Department of National Defence has been delegated certain powers and functions, which are set out in the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument (ADAI).

2.3 The ADAI requires DND to actively monitor, through internal audits and other review measures, the exercise of delegated powers and functions to ensure the integrity of appointments and adherence to appointment values.

2.4 The Instrument of Delegation of Human Resources Authorities for Civilian Public Service Employees of National Defence sets out the powers and functions sub-delegated by the DM.

Policy Statement

2.5 DND is committed to the overarching principle that appointments to and within the public service are:

  1. free from political influence and personal favouritism; and
  2. are based upon merit and the staffing values and principles of:
    1. fairness;
    2. access;
    3. transparency;
    4. representativeness;
    5. flexibility; and
    6. affordability and efficiency.


2.6 Delegated persons, in the context of an appointment:

  1. shall ensure that any person who is appointed meets the essential qualifications of the position; and
  2. may take into account any:
    1. qualification held by a person that is considered an asset for the position either currently or in the future; and
    2. current or future operational requirements and organizational needs.

2.7 DND and the CAF shall ensure that:

  1. the staffing process is conducted in accordance with the:
    1. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
    2. Canadian Human Rights Act;
    3. Official Languages Act; and
    4. Employment Equity Act;
  2. staffing decisions:
    1. are made in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations, policies and the DND Guidelines on Staffing Options;
    2. maintain and promote public service values and principles; and
    3. are based on the DND human resources plans and staffing strategies;
  3. all staffing actions, whether for an indeterminate, term or casual period, reflect the department's commitment to:
    1. the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service;
    2. DAOD 5015-0, Workplace Accommodation; and
    3. the DND Directive on the Staffing of Civilian Bilingual Positions.
  4. all public service employees entitled to a staffing priority are the first to be considered for appointment;
  5. probationary periods provide a fair assessment of newly appointed employees (for further information on probation, refer to the DND Guidelines for Rejection on Probation); and
  6. staffing strategies are used to eliminate or significantly reduce representation gaps in the civilian population.

3. Authorities

Authority Table

3.1 The following table identifies the authorities associated with civilian staffing:

The ... has or have the authority to ...


  • approve and issue staffing policies and directives.


  • establish staffing instructions and guidelines.

Director Civilian Employment Policies

  • monitor the application of this DAOD in accordance with the DND Staffing Management and Accountability Framework; and
  • provide advice and guidance to civilian human resources officers (HROs) relating to staffing matters.


  • provide advice and guidance to managers relating to staffing matters.

delegated persons

  • exercise their delegated authorities in staffing matters in accordance with this DAOD.

4. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

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