DAOD 5008-0, Civilian Labour-Management Relations

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2007-08-10

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members) who act as managers or supervisors of DND employees.

Supersession: CPAO 7.19, Relations with Employee Organizations

Approval Authority: Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources-Civilian) (ADM(HR-Civ))

Enquiries: Director General Labour Relations and Compensation (DGLRC)

2. Policy Direction


2.1 The Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA) recognizes that harmonious and cooperative relations between the employer (management), and bargaining agents and unions (labour), are essential to a productive and effective public service.

2.2 The term "labour-management relations" in this DAOD refers to the relations between the DND and the bargaining agent or union.

2.3 This DAOD:

  1. establishes the DND framework for supporting the principles and objectives of the PSLRA; and
  2. permits the creation of labour-management policies and guidelines.

Policy Statement

2.4 The DND is committed to fostering respectful and effective labour-management relations, at all levels of the DND, founded on:

  1. open and sustained dialogue;
  2. mutual trust and respect; and
  3. working collaboratively towards common interests.

2.5 The DND specifically supports this commitment to labour-management relations by recognizing that:

  1. unions represent the interests of their members; and
  2. employee representatives play a strategic role at all levels in maintaining a positive and healthy workplace for DND employees.


2.6 The DND shall:

  1. develop and implement labour-management policies, guidelines and processes;
  2. participate in labour-management consultations;
  3. provide managers and supervisors with guidance, support and training, if required;
  4. where possible and practicable:
    1. engage in co-development with bargaining agents; and
    2. attempt to resolve workplace issues at the earliest stage and lowest organizational level; and
  5. recognize that DND employees who act as employee representatives may require leave with or without pay or time off for union business.

2.7 Delegated managers shall:

  1. consider the following when making decisions respecting the authorization of leave with or without pay or time off for union business:
    1. relevant articles in the applicable collective agreement;
    2. impact on operational requirements and labour-management relations; and
    3. DND interests; and
  2. respect the relevant articles of the applicable collective agreement and adhere to the Instrument of Delegation of Labour Relations Authorities when granting leave with or without pay or time off for union business.

2.8 The travel costs of union representatives are primarily the responsibility of bargaining agents and unions, even when meeting with the DND. However, if requested by a union representative, a delegated manager may authorize the subsidization of travel costs in exceptional circumstances if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. it is substantiated that the presence of the union representative is of vital interest to the DND;
  2. any travel costs authorized are limited and negotiated between the union representative and management; and
  3. the travel costs do not exceed the limits established by the Travel Directive.

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3. Authorities

Authority Table

3.1 The following table identifies the authorities associated with this DAOD:

The ... has or have the authority to ...


  • advise Level 1 Advisors on this DAOD and other labour-management relations policies, guidelines and tools;
  • approve and issue labour-management relations policies, guidelines and tools; and
  • oversee the effectiveness of this DAOD and other labour-management relations policies, guidelines and tools.

Director Labour Relations Policies and Programmes

  • advise Civilian Human Resources Service Centres (CHRSCs) and senior managers on this DAOD and other labour-management relations policies, guidelines and tools.


  • advise managers on this DAOD and other labour-management relations policies, guidelines and tools.

delegated managers

  • approve or deny requests for leave or time off for union business; and
  • fund travel expenses if appropriate and negotiated in advance.

4. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

Other References

  • Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service, Treasury Board
  • Travel Directive, Treasury Board, National Joint Council
  • DAOD 5005-1, Governance of Civilian Human Resources Management
  • DAOD 5008-1, Use of Departmental Premises and Equipment, and Electronic Networks, for Bargaining Agent or Union Business
  • DAOD 5008-2, Civilian Labour-Management Consultation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
  • Guidelines for Civilian Grievances
  • Co-Development Framework, Department of National Defence
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