DAOD 5027-1, Awards and Recognition Program

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2008-05-16

Application: This DAOD is a directive that applies to employees of the Department of National Defence (DND employees) and an order that applies to officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF members).


  • CPAO 2.24, Incentive Award Plan
  • CPAO 2.34, Special Department Award Program
  • CFAO 99-2, Incentive Award Plan

Approval Authority:

  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources (Civilian)) (ADM(HR-Civ))
  • Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Director Diversity and Well-Being (DDWB)

2. Definitions

formal recognition (reconnaissance formelle)

In this DAOD have the same meaning as in the Recognition Policy of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS).

recognition (reconnaissance)

In this DAOD have the same meaning as in the Recognition Policy of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS).

3. Corporate Awards


3.1 Corporate awards are the formal recognition awards granted by the Deputy Minister (DM) and Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS).

3.2 The following table provides information on the three types of corporate awards:

Award Who is Eligible Who Approves Recipients What Recipients Receive

DM commendation

  • DND employees; and

  • CAF members included as part of a team award or individually by exception.


  • commendation pin;

  • non-monetary award; and

  • framed certificate signed by the DM.

DM and CDS Innovation Award

  • DND employees; and

  • CAF members.

DM and CDS

  • non-monetary award; and

  • framed certificate signed by the DM and CDS.

Management of Human Resources (HR) Award:

  • Leadership in HR Management category; and

  • Employment Equity category.

  • DND employees and CAF members who demonstrate the award criteria through individual duties or as part of a broader corporate contribution to the organization; and

  • partners from other government departments, other levels of government or other sectors of the economy, who are members of eligible teams.

DM and CDS

  • non-monetary award; and

  • framed certificate signed by the DM and CDS.

3.3 In addition to the above, as part of their award, individual recipients of corporate awards and their guest, or one representative of a recipient team and their guest, are invited to attend a special dinner with the DM and CDS, at which formal presentations are made. Travel and accommodation expenses are included for each individual recipient and team representative, and their guest.

3.4 See the DND Awards and Recognition website for more information on criteria and nomination forms for corporate awards.

Number and Frequency of Awards

3.5 A maximum of 26 corporate awards are granted during each fiscal year, normally during National Public Service Week, as follows:

  1. up to 10 awards for each of the following:
    1. DM Commendation; and
    2. DM and CDS Innovation Award; and
  2. up to 3 awards for each of the following Management of HR Award categories:
    1. HR Leadership; and
    2. Employment Equity.

Level 1 Advisor (L1) Recommendation

3.6 Any nomination for the Corporate Awards requires the recommendation of the applicable L1.

4. Merit and Special Awards


4.1 The following table provides information on merit and special awards:

Award Purpose Individual Criteria

Merit Award

Recognizes outstanding work, performance or other meritorious contributions by individuals and teams that reflect well on the branch, directorate, DND or Public Service in a formal, structured and scheduled manner.

Note - The suggestion award that recognized suggestion or innovation for improvement of operations of any federal department or agency has been amalgamated with the merit award.

Meritorious contributions that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • work performance at an unusually high level over an extended period of time;

  • successful completion, in a manner beyond that which normally could be expected by management, of a major project, special assignment or research study;

  • performance of duties under abnormal circumstances in a manner that constitutes a contribution of unusual merit to the DND or the CAF;

  • significant accomplishment in the management of personnel, financial or material resources; and

  • suggestion or innovation (or both) for improvement of the operations of any federal department or agency, that, if adopted, could result in tangible or intangible benefits related to such things as:

    • increased efficiency or productivity;

    • conservation of property, energy, material or other resources;

    • improved working conditions; or

    • any other advantage to the operation of the Public Service.

Special Award

Enables L1s to:

  • quickly and informally recognize the accomplishments of their DND employees and CAF members; and

  • develop recognition options tailored to their specific needs.

Ideas, initiative and superior performance at individual, group, command and L1 levels.

Value Limits

4.2 The following table provides information on the value limits (including applicable sales taxes) for the merit and special awards:

The value of the … is … and shall not exceed … for …

merit award

monetary or non-monetary





special award






5. Long Service Awards for DND Employees


5.1 Long service awards enable management to extend formal recognition to DND employees who have served a total of 15, 25, 35, 45 and 50 years. The recipient is presented with an award and certificate commensurate with the anniversary of service.

5.2 For more information, see the Long Service Award Program - Questions and Answers at the DND Awards and Recognition website.


5.3 All service within the federal public administration is used when calculating a long service award. Awards are granted to DND employees, including employees locally engaged abroad who have attained the required number of years of service, regardless of any breaks in service. In addition, all part-time, seasonal and casual federal public service, as well as service within the CAF or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is included in the calculation of service for long service award purposes.

5.4 To receive a long service award, a DND employee is required to be an indeterminate, term, seasonal or part-time employee at the time of his or her anniversary.

5.5 See the TBS Recognition Policy for more information.

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6. Financial Administration

Award Taxability

6.1 Any DND employee or CAF member may obtain information on award taxability by:

  1. contacting the Director Financial Policy and Procedures through their financial chain of command; and
  2. reviewing the Canada Revenue Agency's policy entitled Gifts and awards given by employers to their employees.

7. Responsibilities

Responsibility Table

7.1 The following table identifies the responsibilities for implementing this DAOD:

The … is or are responsible for …

ADM(HR-Civ) and CMP

  • promoting the corporate Awards and Recognition Program (ARP).


  • promoting the corporate ARP within their respective organizations as well as creating their own ARP.

L1 awards and recognition coordinators (or equivalent)

  • disseminating information on the corporate ARP within their groups and commands;

  • coordinating:

    • requests for nominations within their groups and commands and the receipt of these nominations; and

    • recipient information;

  • facilitating attendance for awards ceremonies, as required; and

  • managing their own L1 ARP.

DND Awards and Recognition Champion

  • seeking and using any opportunity to advocate and promote the corporate ARP;

  • providing advice and feedback on progress, issues and concerns to:

    • the Defence Management Committee;

    • the Civilian Human Resources Committee;

    • other internal and external committees;

    • advisory groups; and

    • senior management;

  • chairing the DND Awards and Recognition Selection Committee; and

  • attending the Corporate Awards Ceremony and other special ceremonies, as required.

DND Awards and Recognition Selection Committee

  • reviewing, assessing and recommending for approval nominations that are received for the corporate awards; and

  • making recommendations to the DM or the CDS (or both) on policy changes related to corporate awards or to the creation of other corporate awards.


  • managing and operating the corporate ARP and its budget;

  • monitoring the effectiveness of the corporate ARP and recommending changes if required;

  • administering the Long Service Awards Program; and

  • providing policy interpretation for the corporate ARP.

regional civilian human resource service centres

  • identifying and contacting DND employees eligible for a long service award; and

  • delivering long service awards and certificates to responsible managers and supervisors.

managers and supervisors

  • presenting long service awards in a suitable forum.

8. References

Acts, Regulations, Central Agency Policies and Policy DAOD

  • Financial Administration Act
  • Public Service Employment Act
  • Recognition Policy, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Delegation of Authorities for Financial Administration for the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Forces (CF)
  • Financial Administration Manual, Department of National Defence
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Other References

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