Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00170 Traffic Technician

A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 1, Annex D

MOSID 00170 - Traffic Technician (TFC TECH)

General Duties

Traffic Technicians shall perform duties related to the movement of personnel and materiel by road, rail, air and sea. Employment involves both static and operational tours in the air and land environment. Their duties include passenger reception, warehouse operations, aircraft and rail load planning, and aircraft loading/unloading. Moderate to heavy physical effort is required.

Note: Aircrew (loadmaster) fitness is assessed specifically by the air factor and is included in this task table.

MOSID Related Duties

Circle the X for each task that Mbr is UNABLE or UNFIT to perform.

1. Lift and lower equipment weighing 35 Kg daily. X X X X X X
2. Push/pull aircraft pallets/equipment up to 4500 Kg X X X X X
3. Carry equipment weighing up to 20 Kg for short distances. X X X X X X
4. Climb onto/off vehicle cargo decks 1.75 m high hourly. X X X X
5. Climb up to 5 m onto/off of aircraft fuselage for inspections. X X X X
6. Crawl / maneuver in cramped spaces to attach loads onto vehicles or railcars, in cargo compartments of ships or aircraft. X X X X X
7. Monitor and control systems from overhead control panel. X X X X
8. Inspect A/C in low light and all weather. X X X X X
9. Remain alert for up to 12 hours per day. X X X X X X X
10. Sit continuously for eight hours X X X X X X X
11. Withstand fatigue and the effects of repeated strain from keyboarding or writing for up to six hours per day X X X X X X X
12. Stand consistently for up to 12 hours X X X X X
13. Endure high noise levels on aircraft. X X X X X
14. Endure 12 hours of jarring / vibrations / bumping when travelling on cargo aircraft. X X X X
15. Wear personal survival equipment of 12 Kg while airborne, 12 hours per day. X X X X
16. Cope with stress in time-critical A/C preparation, low/high level and pressurized/non-pressurized ops for 12 hours. X X X X
17. Work up to 18 hours per day during operations. X X X X X X X
18. Handle hazardous material X X X X
19. Tolerate dust and vapour generated from aircraft and vehicle engines. X X X X X X
20. Supervise and direct personnel in tactical or emergency conditions. X X X X
21. Fight aircraft fires while wearing SCBA equipment. X X X X

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