Task Statement for Military Occupational Structure Identification - 00381 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class/Chief Warrant Officer Corps

A-MD-154-000/FP-000 - Appendix 1, Annex D

MOSID 00381 - Chief Petty Officer 1st Class/Chief Warrant Officer Corps (CP01/CWO CORPS)

General Duties:

CPO1/CWOs in the CAF are responsible to provide advice to Commanders in all areas affecting the condition of service of CAF personnel, particularly NCMs. They are accountable for monitoring and bringing influence to the achievements of their Commanders objectives and must pay particular attention to the following areas: NCM individual and collective professional development; quality of life and conditions of service; diversity and conflict management; honours and awards; dress and deportment; morale and welfare; drill and ceremonial; as well as customs and traditions.

CPO1/CWOs as a leader, example and role model must be physically fit to work or visit operations, training and deployments, and must be able to deploy to an operational theatre for a visit or posting without incremental training requirements. CPO1/CWOs work in a job where focus and concentration is required in excess of 90% of the time, and where change is the norm. Regardless of setting and circumstance, they must pay attention to each problem presented and formulate appropriate advise and must reflect imperatives of knowledge and cognitive ability and as such must have highly developed skills in critical thinking, public speaking, listening, analyzing, communicating, mentoring and counselling.

The working conditions of the CPO1/CWOs, when employed in Tactical, Post Tactical and Strategic level employment roles require working for long hours, with limited periods of relief or sleep, under blackout or low ambient light. CPO1/CWOs may work in noisy and cramped conditions wearing cumbersome winter and/or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defence clothing while exposed to extreme climates. At Sea, they work in small and enclosed spaces. The perpetual ship’s motion and climate extremes make working conditions and rest very difficult. When employed in the field environment, they must work long hours, under tentage, or in a moving vehicle. In isolated areas, CPO1/CWOs must work with limited equipment and personnel, face life threating situations, sometimes under adverse environmental conditions, and without any relief from stressful situations.

In addition, CPO1/CWOs face many hazards which involve exposure to lifethreatening situations during normal duties, travel, and visits to military operations and war. They are exposed to risk of physical injury or psychological disorders resulting from prolonged work related stress, demanding workload, exposure to the elements, equipment malfunctions or other causes. Recurring circumstances and situations of this nature may also pose cumulative risk to health over time.

MOSID Related Duties

There will be no specific MOS ID task statements associated with the Reg F CPO1/CWO CORPS, 00381, occupation due to the pan CAF responsibilities of the occupation. Personnel at this rank are expected to meet general CAF and NCMGS service requirements, as well as the Universality of Service Requirements as detailed in DAOD 5023-1.

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