Readiness Assessment for Defence Procurement Strategy – Increased Contracting Authorities (Phase 3b)

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Assistant Deputy Minister (Review Services)
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Director General Procurement Services
Director General Materiel Systems and Supply Chain
Defence Procurement Strategy
Financial Administration Manual
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Management Action Plan
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Procurement Administration Manual
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Standard Operating Procedures
Canada’s defence policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged

Overall Assessment

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF), subject to engagement scope limitations, are ready to initiate the delegation of increased contracting authorities (Phase 3b) under the Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS). Updated policies and procedures, and enhanced monitoring activities will further support the initiation and implementation of Phase 3b.

Table 1 Details - Summary of Results by Area Examined for Phase 3b
Table 2 Details - Governance by criteria
Table 3 Details - Policies and Procedures by criteria
Table 4 Details - Oversight and Monitoring by criteria

Governance Recommendations

Policies and Procedures

ADM(RS) Recommendation (Medium)
ADM(RS) Recommendation (Medium)
ADM(RS) Recommendation (Medium)
Table 5 Details - Internal Controls by criteria
Table 6. Risk management by Criteria. This table outlines the areas examined for risk management and the corresponding observations.
Areas Examined Compliance Framework ● Readiness Assessment Process ●
Risk Identification ● Implementation risks (department-wide and L1 level), associated with increased contracting authorities have been identified and documented. Periodic updates to the risk registers have been observed. L1 implementation plans include risk registers which demonstrate there is a process to identify, document and regularly update risks related to Phase 3b implementation.
Risk Mitigation ● Risk mitigation strategies are to be considered in determining the adequacy of an L1s implementation plan for increased delegation of authorities. There will be a requirement for the L1s to report back to ADM(Mat) on the management of their risks and risk registers for the implementation of Phase 3b.
Table 6 Details - Risk Management by criteria
Table B-1 Details - Increased Contracting Authority
Table C-1 Details - Summary of Results for the ADM(RS) Review of Defence Procurement Strategy – Readiness for Increased Contracting  Authorities (Phase 1)
Table D-1 Details - Summary of Results for the ADM(RS) Review of Defence Procurement Strategy – Readiness for Increased Contracting  Authorities (Phase 2&3a)

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