Audit and Evaluation Reports

These reports represent the situation in the Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces at the time of publication. They may not reflect the current situation given subsequent management action.

Key Compliance Attributes for the Internal Audit Function

Reports by Year

2020 Reports

2020 Reports

Year Report Title
February 2020 Evaluation of the Indigenous Affairs Program
February 2020 Joint Evaluation of the Implementation of the Veterans Hiring Act [This report was co-written by the Public Service Commission and the Department of Veterans Affairs Canada. The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces actively participated in this evaluation.]
2019 Reports

2019 Reports

Year Report Title
November 2019 Evaluation of Basic Training List Management
November 2019 Advisory of the Military Recruitment Process
November 2019 Audit of Civilian Pay Management
November 2019 Collaborative Audit of the Passport Program for Official Travel
November 2019 Targeted Audit: Monitoring of the Implementation of Canada’s Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged
May 2019 Advisory Report on Civilian Grievance Process
May 2019 Audit of Tax Relief for Deployed Operations
May 2019 Evaluation of the Military Transition Program
May 2019 Follow-Up of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada’s Audit of Providing Relocation Services
March 2019 Audit of Preliminary Requirement Development Process for Capital Equipment Projects
March 2019 Evaluation of Ready Naval Forces
January 2019 Audit of NPP Procurement and Contracting
2018 Reports

2018 Reports

Year Report Title
November 2018 Evaluation of Military Health Care
November 2018 Evaluation of Infrastructure Management—Real Property
October 2018 Audit of Contracted Facilities Maintenance Services
August 2018 Audit of Contract Amendments
August 2018 Audit of the Financial Management Controls and Practices of the Canadian Army
August 2018 Advisory Report on Information Management in the Federal Health Claims Processing Service Contract
August 2018 Follow-up on Audit of Canadian Forces Health Services
July 2018 Evaluation of the NATO Contribution Program
June 2018 Evaluation of Military Police Services
May 2018 Audit of Ammunition and Explosives Management
May 2018 Evaluation of Global Engagement/Military Diplomacy
May 2018 Follow-up on Internal Audit of the Joint Support Ship Project
February 2018 Follow-up on Audit of Human Resources Service Levels
2017 Reports

2017 Reports

Year Report Title
December 2017 Readiness Assessment for Defence Procurement Strategy - Increased Contracting Authorities (Phases 2 and 3(a))
November 2017 Evaluation of Defence Capability Development Program
November 2017 Review of Integrated Risk Management
November 2017 Evaluation of Canadian Armed Forces Operations
November 2017 Audit of Range and Training Area Management
October 2017 Non-Public Property Audit of Mess Management
October 2017 Assessment of the Access to Information and Privacy Program
September 2017 Review of the Establishment of the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre
August 2017 Review of Military Reserve Payroll
May 2017 Evaluation of Air Force Readiness
May 2017 Review of Defence Renewal
April 2017 Evaluation of the Information Systems Lifecycle Program
April 2017 Evaluation of Joint and Common Force Readiness
March 2017 Follow-up on Audit of Non-Public Property Information Management / Information Technology Rationalization: Phase 1 – Governance
March 2017 Audit of Policy on Internal Control Implementation – Phase 2
January 2017 Evaluation of the Provision of Legal Services by JAG and DND/CF LA
2016 Reports

2016 Reports

Year Report Title
December 2016 Review of Alternative Work Arrangements
November 2016 Evaluation of Land Readiness
November 2016 Evaluation of Military History, Heritage, Honours and Ceremonial Activities
October 2016 Audit of the Financial Management Controls and Practices of the Royal Canadian Navy
October 2016 Audit of Canadian Armed Forces Museums
September 2016 Review of the Federal Infrastructure Investments Program
September 2016 Audit of Controls over the Reliability of Data in the CFTPO Application
August 2016 Follow-up Audit of Non-Public Property Governance, Strategic Management, and Business Planning
June 2016 Evaluation of Defence Civilian Human Resources Management Staffing
June 2016 Evaluation of the Maritime Equipment Program
June 2016 Audit of Policy on Internal Control Implementation (Phase 1)
May 2016 Evaluation of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants Contribution Program (CAPA)
May 2016 Evaluation of the Governance of Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)
May 2016 Evaluation of the Defence Engagement Program (DEP)
May 2016 Audit of Municipal Works
May 2016 Audit of the Process to Support Decision Making at Strategic Management Committees
May 2016 Follow-up on Internal Audit: Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle
May 2016 Audit of Information Technology Security: Roadmap Implementation
March 2016 Evaluation of the DND/CAF Airworthiness Programme
February 2016 Review of the National Defence Headquarters Move Coordination
2015 Reports

2015 Reports

Year Report Title
December 2015 Audit of Contaminated and Unexploded Explosive Ordnance Legacy Site Liabilities
December 2015 Audit of Military Compensation and Benefits
December 2015 Audit of Civilian Human Resources Management System (HRMS(Civ)) Application Access Rights
December 2015 Security Audits: Management Action Plan Follow-up
December 2015 Audit of the C-130J In-Service Support Contract
November 2015 Audit of the Canadian Surface Combatant Project
June 2015 Audit of the Weapon Effects Simulation Contract
June 2015 Evaluation of the Land Equipment Program
April 2015 Evaluation of the Defence Science and Technology Program
March 2015 Audit of IM/IT Framework to Support Transition to SSC
March 2015 Audit of the Financial Management Framework: Royal Canadian Air Force
January 2015 Audit of Recreation Policies and Programming Frameworks
January 2015 Evaluation of the DND/CAF Contribution to the National Search and Rescue Program
January 2015 Evaluation of the Canadian Defence Academy
January 2015 Evaluation of the Contribution Program for the Search and Rescue New Initiatives fund
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