AI holds enormous potential for defence. AI-enabled capabilities can allow us to improve the accuracy of our intelligence, targeting, situational awareness, and decision making, while enabling logistic and corporate efficiencies and improving services. To achieve these gains, however, we must put in place the necessary environments, data management practices and guardrails to ensure that AI is safe, ethical, inclusive, legal, and trusted. We must manage change so as to support innovation, and ensure that our personnel, both now and in the future, have the training and skills that they need to implement AI initiatives successfully. We must also forge partnerships outside the organization to take advantage of promising innovations, and to ensure that our AI-enabled capabilities complement and interoperate with those of our defence partners.

The AI Strategy lays out the vision for the adoption and implementation of AI and related algorithmic technologies within the Defence Team, and five lines of effort to achieve that vision. These goals are needed to set the forward direction, to align expectations for DND/CAF at the enterprise level, and cohere thought, effort, and purpose towards this common goal. However, these alone will not be enough to achieve our purpose. To make this vision and these lines of effort a reality, the Digital Transformation Office will develop a staged implementation plan with timelines, milestones, and performance indicators, leveraging the cross-functional approach adopted in the development of this Strategy. It will also develop a governance model and accountabilities and responsibilities framework for AI to ensure that the implementation itself is successful and well-governed.

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