Strategic Alignment

The AI Strategy aligns with the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) policies and strategies on modernization and digital transformation, and with its commitment to apply Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) in the development and execution of its operations, policies, and programs. In particular, the AI Strategy is to be read and implemented in conjunction with the Data Strategy and the Data Strategy Implementation Plan (DSIP) to ensure that a strong data management foundation will underpin AI implementation.  This Strategy also aligns with applicable Canadian and international law, and with Government of Canada policies and guidelines for the use of digital and AI.

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The AI Strategy aligns with key DND/CAF policies, including:

  • Strong, Secure, Engaged
  • DND/CAF Data Strategy
  • CDS/DM Directive for Defence Reconstitution and Modernization
  • CAF Digital Campaign Plan
  • DND/CAF Quantum S&T Strategy

It also aligns with key Government of Canada Policies on the use of digital and AI, including:

  • Directive on Automated Decision Making
  • Guiding Principles on Responsible Use of AI
  • Directive on Service and Digital
  • Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

The AI Strategy vision states that by 2030, DND/CAF will be an AI-enabled organization, with ethical, inclusive, and trusted AI for interoperability and advantage in the battle space and improved stewardship in the corporate space, through a culture of innovation, a diverse AI-ready workforce, and secure partnerships. In order to achieve this, the AI Strategy lays out five lines of effort to accelerate the adoption of responsible AI within DND/CAF. Each line of effort is followed by a respective outcome.

Fielding and Employing AI Capabilities

Deploy AI responsibly and transparently for improved operations and business efficiency through safe and rapid AI integration, scalability, and prioritized investment.

Change Management

Embrace Digital Transformation as foundational to adopting AI while learning to work horizontally, embrace disruption and continuously adapt.

Ethics, Safety, and Trust

Operating practices and risk frameworks to ensure that our AI use is ethical, inclusive, legal, safe, and trusted

Talent and Training

A diverse AI-ready workforce with the skills to implement and use AI through training and innovative initiatives to identify, upskill, recruit and retain talent.


Strong, secure partnerships and a vibrant defence AI ecosystem enabling procurement or development of technologies to ensure interoperability and credibility with allies.

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