Science and technology (S&T) has always played a key role in meeting national defence and security needs with emerging technologies often enabling decisive tactical advantages. The pace of change and emergence of a new class of quantum technologies has markedly increased over the last several years and has the potential to influence and disrupt the defence and security landscape.

As these technologies evolve, so too must the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). For these reasons, I am proud to present the DND/CAF Quantum S&T Strategy: Preparing for technological disruptions in the future operating environment. This strategy will leverage important work the department has already accomplished in the field of quantum S&T and align future work to meet the needs of the DND/CAF.

The Quantum S&T Strategy will allow DND/CAF to take a strategic approach to this emerging field, centered on three organizing pillars. First, the strategy will help DND/CAF transition quantum technologies out of the lab and into deployable defence capabilities, focusing first and foremost on the technologies with the most immediate and most significant impact on the CAF. Second, recognizing the breadth and complexity of quantum technologies, the strategy encourages the building and leveraging of strong partnerships across the Government of Canada, academic institutions, Canadian industry, and with international partners, to ensure that DND/CAF can benefit from a comprehensive approach to quantum research. Thirdly, the strategy will bring coherence to quantum S&T investments within the Defence Team, building internal research capacity and human capital ensuring that we have what it takes to compete in the 21st century and beyond. This strategy will ensure that the Defence Team is well prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of emerging quantum technologies while supporting the academic and industrial quantum ecosystem that is already thriving here in Canada.

Isabelle Desmartis


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