Cost Estimates for CAF Domestic Operations - RPP 2014-15

Cost Estimates for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Domestic Operations

($ thousands) FY 2013-14 Forecast FY 2014-15 Planned
Domestic Operations Full DND Cost1 Incremental
DND Cost2
Full DND Cost1 Incremental
DND Cost2
OP CARIBBE (Joint Interagency Task Force South)3 258,799 12,230 98,439 15,358
OP LENTUS (Flood Mitigation Alberta)4 14,087 4,311 0 0
OP DISTINCTION5 1,244 1,237 4,624 4,581
Total*: Domestic Operations 274,130 17,778 103,063 19,939

* Due to rounding, totals may not add up to totals as shown.

1. "Full DND Cost" is the sum of incremental cost plus the salaries of Regular Force personnel, equipment depreciation, command and support cost, as well as the operating cost of some major equipment, such as aircraft, that are within normal planned activity rates and, therefore, had not been included in incremental cost.

2. "Incremental DND Cost" is the additional costs for personnel and equipment that are directly attributable to the Canadian Armed Forces operation. More specifically, incremental costs include the additional cost to deploy troops and equipment and to provide ongoing maintenance and support during the applicable operation, in addition to any specialized training required for the operation. DND does not include the full capital acquisition cost of major equipment in incremental cost, unless procured specifically for the mission with no life expectancy post operation, as this equipment will not be used in other CAF operations.

3. OP CARIBBE (Joint Interagency Task Force South) - US-led, multi-national operation to stop drug trafficking in the Caribbean. Lower Full Cost in FY 2014-15 is attributed to less expensive naval assets (use of maritime coastal defence vessels instead of frigates).

4. OP LENTUS - Flood mitigation in the Southern Foothills Region of Alberta in June 2013.

5. OP DISTINCTION - CAF Support to the Government of Canada's Military History Commemoration Program.

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