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Despite the fact that threats to North America are increasing, this Government has not made any investments to improve continental defence and modernize NORAD. Why is continental defence not a priority for this government?

  • As outlined in our 2017 defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, this Government is committed to the defence of North America.
  • Since its release, security and defence challenges outlined in this policy, including advances in technology, and great power competition, have accelerated.
  • These realities increase the need for Canada to strengthen its approach to continental defence across all domains, and to modernize NORAD.
  • This remains a high priority.
  • We are already making significant investments in personnel, equipment, and infrastructure that will support continental defence.
  • This includes new fighter jets, Arctic and Offshore Patrol ships, and significant investments in space capabilities.
  • It also includes research and development efforts to produce innovative solutions to surveillance challenges.
  • New capabilities and approaches will also be required to ensure that we can detect, deter, and respond to threats against Canada and North America.
  • We will also continue to seek solutions that maximize economic benefits for Canadians as we make investments to ensure a secure North America.

Quick Facts

  • 1,000 Canadian Armed Forces members support NORAD missions in aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning missions in defence of North America.
  • Strong, Secure, Engaged made several large investments contributing to continental defence, including commitments to acquire:
    • 15 new Canadian Surface Combatants for the Navy;
    • A fleet of 88 new fighters for the Air Force;
    • A fleet of six Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessels to provide enhanced naval presence in the North;
    • Remotely piloted systems to enhance surveillance of Canadian territory; and,
    • Space capabilities to improve Arctic surveillance and communications.
  • Other initiatives, such as the All Domain Situational Awareness Program ($133M worth of investments over the last five years), are also supporting these efforts.

Responsible Principals: Director General for Continental Defence, Director General for Strategic Defence Policy

January 18, 2021

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