Defence Team Parenting Series: Parenting during COVID-19

June 19, 2020 – Defence Stories

This is the first article in a series for all Defence Team members to provide tips and continued support on parenting during COVID-19. Hang in there – you got this!

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress levels for many people, and staying positive while maintaining productivity and fulfilling various responsibilities has proven to be a challenge. Parents, specifically, have been facing unique challenges, and the time they have been spending at home in close quarters with their kids will not soon be forgotten.

By now, parents have settled into the routine of juggling full-time work at home with homeschooling and caring for children. Undoubtedly, this routine is stressful, demanding and exhausting. Teaching, answering the thousand daily requests for snacks, and having the kiddos unexpectedly join the Zoom work calls have surely been “highlights” for many parents.

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s web page on Parenting during COVID-19 highlights three main tips to help you cope during these times:

The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Tips from the Public Health Agency of Canada is full of advice for parents related to their children’s behaviours, bodies, and minds. You will find ideas for fun and easy activities, guidelines, tools and more. There are also tips on how to care for yourself and ensure that you are taken care of, which is especially important during this current environment. 

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Defence Team Members

CAF Members

There are a range of resources available to CAF members struggling as a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Finally, remember to be patient with yourself. This has been a new obstacle for us all, and we are slowly but surely adapting to this new way of life. We are in this together.

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