Parenting during COVID-19

Parents, caregivers and children across the country may face ongoing challenges as the pandemic continues to affect their daily work and home routines. Provincial and territorial governments have developed reopening plans with specific advice on schools, daycares and workplaces. It's important that parents and caregivers become familiar with these plans to prepare for the year ahead.

The ideas and tips below can help parents and caregivers adjust to the current situation.

Support and engage with your children

Be kind, calm and patient with your children's behaviours

Talk about vaccination

Talk to children and youth aged 12 and older about the importance of getting vaccinated. Explain how the vaccine can help protect them and those around them from COVID-19. Getting youth fully vaccinated also helps everyone get back to what they love and need for their physical and mental health, including:

Visit us to learn more about COVID-19 vaccination:

Take care of yourself

It is normal if you or your children feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, scared or angry during this time. Visit us to find additional information and support related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

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