Defence Team– Mental health and wellness

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Department of National Defence (DND) public service employees can access a variety of resources and information to help maintain and improve our mental health and overall personal well-being.

If you are in distress, please contact the:

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Resources for CAF members

There are a range of services available to help you and your family members get the care and support you need. You're not alone, help is available.

The Chat Service is only for making an appointment for professional counselling, not for immediate counselling. If you need immediate support, call the Crisis and Referral Centre.

Resources for DND public service employees

Whether you are looking to improve your well-being, increase your awareness, or access any of the many services and programs that are available to you, support is available when and how you need it.

Wellness courses and learning events

Discover ways to support your personal well-being through courses, events, and interactive activities.

Commemorative Events

Additional resources and articles

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