Pop up City: Integrating Energy, Water and Waste Management Systems for Deployed CampsĀ 

Table of Contents

1.0 Contest Challenge Statement

            1.1 Introduction: A Contest to Develop Integrated Utilities Management Systems

            1.2 Contest Challenge Objectives

            1.3 Current Practices

            1.4 Desired Outcomes and Considerations

                        1.4.1 General

                        1.4.2 Desired Outcomes

                        1.4.3 Climate Considerations: Temperate Climate Zone

                        1.4.4 Utilities Requirements

                        1.4.5 Additional Design Requirements

2.0 Applicant Guide

            2.1 Contest Overview and Structure

            2.2 Round 1: Call for Independent Proposals

            2.3 Round 2: Partnering Event and Call for Integrated Proposals

            2.4 Round 3: The Pitch Event and Prototype Development

            2.5 Round 4: Prototype Testing and Grand Prize

            2.6 Timelines

            2.7 General Terms and Conditions

            2.8 Eligibility

                          2.8.1 Who is Eligible?

                          2.8.2 Conditions of Eligibility

                          2.8.3 Additional Information to Establish Eligibility

             2.9 Intellectual Property

             2.10 Privacy and Access to Information

             2.11 Communication Activities

             2.12 Application Submission Instructions

             2.13 Contact Information

Annex A: Solution Readiness Levels (SRL)

Annex B: Round 1 Evaluation Criteria

Annex C: Supporting Documentation Form for Organizations in Quebec

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