Alternative dispute resolution in the Canadian Armed Forces

What this service offers

The Director of Service Delivery's Conflict and Complaint Management Services centres across Canada provide comprehensive conflict and complaint management support to the Defence Team. Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members can meet with agents to:

  • better understand and deal with their concerns
  • identify and select the best rights-based and/or interest-based options to resolve conflict and complaints

Civilian employees and leaders can also obtain support concerning early, local and informal resolution options.

What you need before you start

It's important that you consider your concerns from other's points of view and clarify the true source of your concerns. You should also think about what you may be willing to accept as a compromise and why.

Service standard

You can expect an acknowledgement to your initial inquiry at the Conflict and Complaint Management Services Centre within 2 working days. The time it will take to offer advice and process your case will depend on the nature and the complexity of the complaint.

Contact us for help

Your local Conflict and Complaint Management Services centre can help you decide if informal and formal resolution services are appropriate for your situation. Conflict Solutions and Services (CSS) is easy to access and always confidential whether in-person or online.

To contact CSS directly, please call us toll free at 1-833-328-3351.

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