Workplace conflict, misconduct, grievances and complaints

Get help with handling conflict and misconduct in the workplace. Report an incident or submit a complaint. File a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) grievance.

Services and information

Conflict resolution, harassment and grievance

Resolve and get support with workplace-related conflicts and complaints.

Sexual misconduct

Learn about sexual misconduct, how to report it and what the Defence Team is doing to address it.

Member and family assistance services

Get help with personal, emotional and work-related problems 24 hours a day.

Report wrongdoing (whistleblowing)

Disclose questionable or illicit activity in an effort to end the wrongdoing.

Workplace reintegration after misconduct

Reintegrating Canadian Armed Forces members after proven or alleged acts of misconduct.

Submit a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman

Get help if other attempts to resolve your problem internally are unsuccessful.

Submit a complaint about the Military Police

Find forms and file a complaint to the Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada.

Contact Military Police

Report an offence to the Military Police.

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