Training and educational materials about sexual misconduct

Training and educational materials to help Defence Team members prevent sexual misconduct, respond to incidents and support affected persons.

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Presentations and discussion material addressing sexual misconduct

DND/CAF is developing and reviewing a range of presentations and discussion material to educate Defence Team members on the issue of sexual misconduct and on potential intervention strategies.

Defence Team members can download the presentations and training material currently available on the DND intranet. 

Professional Development Library

Professional Development (PD) Library addressing sexual misconduct consists of resources and discussion material that assist units in conducting PD sessions on the issue of sexual misconduct. The material provided will help Defence Team members examine how to prevent sexual misconduct, respond to incidents, and support affected persons.

Learn more about the Professional Development Library and the material available.

Other educational material and guidance

Manuals, graphics, videos, facts and tips to help you better understand the issue of sexual misconduct, how to recognize incidents and appropriately respond to them.

Glossary on Sexual Misconduct
A list of terms and definitions related to sexual misconduct used by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Spectrum of sexual misconduct
A graphic illustrating the range of attitudes, beliefs, and actions that constitute sexual misconduct and contribute to a toxic work environment.

Understanding consent
Learn more about consent and how important it is, particularly in a military context where power and rank differentials may place consent in question.

Sexual misconduct myths and facts
Get the facts about commonly held beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions about sexual misconduct.

The six steps to bystander intervention
Steps for conducting a successful bystander intervention.

Bystander intervention strategies
Options for preventing harm and intervening when there is a risk of sexual misconduct.

Recognizing and responding to domestic violence
Increase your awareness of the impacts of domestic violence, and how to recognize it.

Related workshops and training

Respect in the CAF Workshop
An interactive workshop that promotes respect in the CAF through increased awareness and understanding. It is intended to empower CAF members to take a stand against sexual misconduct and encourage exemplary conduct.

The Path Online Course
Familiarization course on the strategic document The Path to Dignity and Respect. This course is available to all Defence Team personnel on the DLN Learning Management System with the course code 303512.

Diversity, Inclusion and Employment Equity
An introductory learning tool for all employees who are new to the topic of diversity and employment equity, or as a refresher for those who have some previous training. This course is available to all Defence Team personnel on the DLN Learning Management System with the course code 302145.

Introduction to Defence Ethics
Online course designed to provide an introduction to Defence Ethics and what it implies for Department of National Defence employees and CAF members. This course is available to all Defence Team personnel on the DLN Learning Management System with the course code 300063.

Introduction to Gender Based Analysis Plus
Introduction to Gender based analysis plus (GBA Plus) and its related concepts, giving you the knowledge and tools to use GBA Plus to enhance your work.

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