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What is the app for?

  • The app is interactive and provides support and guidance if you are a victim of sexual misconduct, a bystander, or someone in a position of leadership or the chain of command.
  • It is a free download from your mobile device’s app store – Android or iOS.

What kind of information is on the app?

  • The app takes you step by step through how to support the victim, ensuring their safety, where and how to seek medical help and how to report the incident.
  • The bilingual Respect in the CAF app includes downloadable tools, educational information, and resources to support anyone who is responding to an incident of sexual misconduct.
  • It directs users to both military and civilian resources.

Who should use the app?

  • Anyone who needs help responding to an incident of sexual misconduct including victims in crisis.
  • Anyone who supports a victim or survivor but aren’t sure what to do next.
  • All members of the Canadian Armed Forces, military or civilian, looking for support and guidance.

What is special about the app?

  • The Respect in the CAF mobile app is designed for members of the CAF, and provides support to both the victim AND those in a position to support them.
  • It can offer the location and directions to the closest military and civilian resources by using your mobile’s location, while still retaining your privacy and confidentiality.
  • It is a tool kit that you carry around discreetly on your mobile device at home or on deployment internationally.
  • It has information anyone can use.

Go to your app store or visit the CAF mobile app page.

The Respect in the CAF mobile app is constantly being improved - if you have suggestions or feedback to help make it better, you can provide it through the app or to


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