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July 2020

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LCol A. Bergeron

Canadian Forces Base Borden Crest.

LCol A. Bergeron

LCol A. Bergeron, CD
Commandant CFTDC

I would like to congratulate you for being selected as a candidate at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS), Borden detachment. As Commandant of Canadian Forces Training Development Centre (CFTDC) and officer responsible for the BMQ in Borden, I extend my personal welcome to you. The purpose of this information booklet is to help you with your preparation in order to ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment.

Rest assured that all preventive measures, including the distribution of reusable protective masks, procurement of cleaning products and hand sanitizer as well as physical distancing measures have been put in place by the course staff in order to ensure your safety at all times.

I am sure that you will appreciate your stay with us. The course is demanding physically and mentally. The knowledge you will acquire and the contacts you will make will be useful to you during your entire career. Be open-minded, curious, and take full advantage of this learning opportunity you have been offered. I wish you the best of luck.

CFLRS Mission, Detachment Borden

  1. CFLRS, detachment Borden mission is to shape, instruct and inspire candidates using innovative training methods geared towards resilience and transformational leadership in order to prepare them for their professional service in the CAF.

Basic Training Description

  1. Basic training provides the knowledge that is common to all trades and elements, and develops a military state of mind and behavior, the mental and physical endurance and the combat skills necessary for the profession of arms. The training is physically, mentally and morally demanding and lays its foundation on the fundamental values of the CAF: Duty, Loyalty, Integrity and Courage.
  2.  The course is composed of:
    1. 50% classroom training with study and theoretical exams;
    2. 35% of field training with practical exams; and
    3. 15% is devoted to physical training. 

Basic Military Qualification

  1. The BMQ is the CAF basic training program for future non-commissioned members. The course is 10 weeks long and provides the core skills and the common military knowledge required to succeed in a military environment.

Initial Physical Fitness Evaluation

  1. During the second week of basic training, candidates will undergo a physical fitness evaluation. The initial physical fitness evaluation will consist of the FORCE Evaluation. Watch the videos of the four components of the FORCE Evaluation on the Personnel Support Programs (PSP) web page. You must achieve the standard for all of the four components of the FORCE Evaluation in order to continue with your BMQ course.

Preparing for Training

  1. Your recruiting center should have given you an overview of the training that you are about to start. It is essential that you be ready, focused and motivated.  Before you start:
    1. Avoid any major financial or contractual commitments that may require your attention during the course. Ensure that your personal and family administration is in good hands before your departure and for  the entire duration of the course;
    2. Prepare yourself physically, adopt a healthy lifestyle with a regular physical training program; and
    3. If your medical condition changes, advise your recruiting center as soon as possible. You will be held responsible if you fail to do so.

Arrival Procedures

  1. You must report for duty no later than   16h00 hrs on the Saturday preceding your course at building A-78, Dyte Hall located at 62 Centre Drive.  Detailed instructions on how to get to CFB Borden can be found at Annex A – Arrival Procedures and Annex B – driving directions.


  1. When you arrive in Borden you must wear appropriate attire to be able to walk long distances when conducting your arrival procedures. Collared shirts and comfortable pants (or equivalent for females) are recommended. Do not report in beach-style sandals or high heels.  
  2. CFB Borden respects the instructions on dress in the Canadian Forces in their entirety, including spiritual and religious accommodations, as defined in Canadian Forces Dress Instructions, Chapter 2, Section 3.

Daily Routine

  1. A typical training day consists of:
    1. 0500-0530 hrs:    wake up;
    2. 0540 hrs:    morning physical training;
    3. 0630 hrs:    breakfast;
    4. 0700 hrs:    inspection of quarters and beginning of instruction;
    5. 1130 hrs:    lunch;
    6. 1230 hrs:    instruction;
    7. 1700 hrs:    dinner;
    8. 1800 hrs:   common station jobs, personal hygiene, study period; and
    9. 2200 hrs:   lights out.

Indoctrination period

  1. Candidates will have restricted free time for the first three weekends, with training scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. After this initial period, candidates will be expected to remain confined to Base with extended access to Base services. This period helps to develop basic skills, facilitates the integration to the military life, and develops team spirit among the members.

Military values

  1. During your training, you will be required to adhere to the fundamental military values of Duty, Loyalty, Integrity, and Courage. You will be expected to demonstrate these values at all times.

Expected Behaviour

  1. Harassing, sexist, racist, or hateful conduct contradicts CAF values and will not be tolerated. Violators may face disciplinary and/or administrative measures up to release from the CAF.

Policy on Learning Disability Accommodation

  1. Learning disability accommodations may be requested in accordance with Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 5516-5 Learning Disability Accommodation during Recruiting, Training and Education. All accommodations must be approved by Director Personnel General Requirements (DPGR) and shall be based on a Psycho-Educational Assessment completed by a qualified professional

Policy on Alcohol, Cannabis and Drug Consumption

  1. Upon your arrival at CFB Borden, possession and consumption of alcohol and cannabis is prohibited. Additionally, any activities linked to illegal drugs (possession, consumption, commerce, etc.) are not tolerated. Violators may face disciplinary and/or administrative measures up to release from the CAF. More details regarding the acceptable use of alcohol and cannabis will be provided during the first days of your course.

Health Questionnaire – COVID-19

  1. ACOVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire must be completed before your arrival at CFB Borden. If you answer “yes” to any questions, you will not be permitted to travel to CFB Borden. Another self-assessment questionnaire will be administered when you arrive at CFB Borden. This questionnaire will be at Annex C of this document.

Prohibited Articles

  1. The following articles are prohibited :
    1. firearms or edged weapons (i.e. knives);
    2. food and drinks (in the barracks), including caffeine supplements and pills;
    3. materials with sexual connotation (magazines, photos, DVD, accessories, etc.); and
    4. any game consoles.

Restricted Materials

  1. All electronic devices (cellular phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, etc.) are considered restricted materials in the following manner:
    1. no devices can be used/carried during training hours; and
    2. cell phone use is restricted after training hours to no more than one half-hour use per night. Note that this privilege can be revoked based on performance;
  2. Note that you are responsible for any damage to your electronic devices if you choose to bring them.
  3. Personal vehicle: access will be restricted to weekend to use when circulating on base after the indoctrination period.

Services Available

  1. You will have access to the following services at Base Borden:
    1. chapel (Protestant and Roman Catholic) and Inter-faith Room (subject to restrictions related to COVID-19);
    2. internet (limited access);
    3. public telephones;
    4. a general store (CANEX) with dry cleaning service;
    5. barber;
    6. banking facilities (ATMs for BMO);
    7. post office;
    8. physical training and recreation facilities (subject to restrictions related to COVID-19); and
    9. Terra Theatre (movie theatre – subject to restrictions related to COVID-19).

Mailing address

  1. The mailing address for a CFB Borden BMQ candidate is as follows:
    • Service number
    • Rank, surname, initials
    • Course number
    • CFTDC
    • CFB Borden
    • P.O. Box 1000, Stn Main
    • Borden ON, L0M 1C0

Note. You are required to inform your family and friends of your service and course number.

Emergency Telephone Number

  1. In case of emergency, candidates can be reached through the School Coordination Center at: (705) 424-1200, ext. 2445.


  1. Visitors are not allowed for the duration of the course.

Kit List

  1. All candidates will require the items listed in Annex D to this document. It is suggested you wait to purchase these items at the CANEX upon arrival. Periods are allotted in the schedule to visit the CANEX in the first week.
  2. Candidates are required to bring a plain coloured back pack and their proper water bottle.


  1. Extra baggage is authorized as outlined in the Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instructions.
  2. Unaccompanied baggage (UAB) must be authorized by the member’s home unit.  All UAB must be shipped four weeks prior to the commencement of the course to ensure its availability upon candidate arrival.

Rations and Quarters

  1. An amount ranging from $210.00 to $420.00 (subject to change) will be deducted automatically each month from your pay.

Required Documents and Items

  1. The following documents are required on arrival:
    1. Birth Certificate and Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization if you were born outside Canada;
    2. Vaccination booklet;
    3. Completed Security clearance form (obtain from Recruiting Center);
    4. CF 100 – Leave Request Authorization provided by Recruiting Center;
    5. CF 742 – Emergency Contact Notification and DND 2587 – Next of Kin Identification from Recruiting Center;
    6. Social Insurance (SIN) card;
    7. Void cheque (for pay purposes);
    8. Your lease with a recent proof of ongoing payment or proof of mortgage; and
    9. It is imperative that you create a bank account prior to your arrival at CFB Borden. Your pay will be transferred directly to your account.
  2. The following documents are required only if applicable:
    1. medical prescriptions;
    2. eyeglass prescriptions (prescribed within last year);
    3. birth certificates for any dependents (certified true copy);
    4. marriage certificate (certified true copy);
    5. affidavit respecting your common-law relationship (original);
    6. certificate of divorce (certified true copy);
    7. proof of name change (certified true copy);
    8. proof of change in medical status;
    9. DND 1654 (reimbursement of moving expenses);
    10. CF-100 for post-course leave from your home unit; and
    11. Second language evaluation results.

Web Site

  1. For more information, please visit the CFB Borden web site at the following address: 
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