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Operational readiness starts with fit and healthy personnel. By combining good eating habits with a physical activity program, Canadiam Armed Forces (CAF) personnel can achieve better work performance, a stable weight and lifelong health benefits. Healthy eating habits include eating nutritious foods at regular times throughout the day and selecting the appropriate fluid and fuel before, during and after physical activity.

Top Fuel for Top Performance

Top Fuel for Top Performance is a module-based course for CAF personnel to choose the amount and type of fluid and food they need to balance energy requirements in different situations. This will benefit you throughout your life and maximize your health and physical performance.

Top Fuel for Top Performance modules will provide you with knowledge and practical tips to tune-up your food choices.

Four modules are offered in this course:

Module 1: Top Fuel 101

  • Evaluate your eating patterns.
  • Learn about the major classes of nutrients your body needs.
  • Determine your daily energy needs.
  • Plan meals and snacks that meet your daily requirements.

Module 2: Fine tuning eating

  • Learn how to read food labels to make better choices.
  • Understand the impact of fats, fibre, sugar and sodium.
  • Plan healthy meals at home or away.
  • Learn to set goals that you can keep.

Module 3: Fuel for training and recovery

  • Learn about the benefits of proper hydration techniques.
  • Get the facts on what you need to eat and drink before, during and after physical activity.
  • Plan and prepare for training and competition.

Module 4: Body composition and sport supplements

  • Learn how to adjust your eating and exercise to lose weight or bulk up.
  • Uncover the myths and facts about supplements and sport foods.
  • Understand how nutritional and dietary supplements are regulated.
  • Know what to consider before taking a supplement.

Top Fuel for Top Performance was developed by CF Health Services, Directorate of Force Health Protection as part of Strengthening the Forces (STF) health promotion programs for the CAF.

For more information, contact your Base/Wing Health Promotion Office.

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