The Right to Information: 
Proceedings at Court Martial

Victims have the right, on request, to information about proceedings in the military justice system relating to the service offence of which they are a victim.

Proceedings at court martial

Victims can request information about the location of proceedings in relation to the offence, when they will take place and their progress and outcome.

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The Canadian Forces Military Police Group

The members of the Canadian Forces Military Police Group (CF MP Gp) will provide regular and continuous contact to update the victim on the status of the case. This contact will be maintained throughout the investigative process and during any hearing that results from the investigation.

Also, members from the CF MP Gp will, as required, provide the victim with appropriate referrals to local and independent legal services, if available, that provide information to victims about legal proceedings.

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Director of Military Prosecutions

The prosecutor will inform victims of court dates and matters that potentially affect their security, including the existence of any release conditions imposed on the accused person.  The prosecutor will ask the victim if they have any concerns with the accused’s compliance with these conditions.

At any time that an accused person is released from custody pending the completion of proceedings, the prosecutor will take reasonable steps to ensure the victim is aware of the release, the terms of release, and any amendment to the terms of release.

The prosecutor should consider appropriate measures to enhance the security and comfort of victims who are testifying in a court martial.

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