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The Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group An overview of Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group services and resources available to all transitioning CAF members and their families.
Personnel Selection Services How to access information and resources through your Personnel Selection Officer (PSO) that will assist you in your career transition plan.
Administration Procedures on Release
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Please contact your local Release Section (RegF), or Unit Release Administrator (ResF), as Release Administration processes are under review in support of release renewal efforts.
Canadian Armed Forces Pension Plan Your pension and insurance information. This includes immediate unreduced pension benefit, deferred annuity, Transfer Value and qualifying for pension indexing.
Soldier On The benefits of the Soldier On program in an animated film.
National Peer Support Programs (NPSP) How to access the CAF’s national peer support programs – OSISS and HOPE.
Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Programs & Services How to navigate your transition, programs and services offered to veterans, their families and serving members.
SISIP Financial - Financial Matters to consider when releasing What you need to consider when planning your release. This includes financial planning post release, what you need to retire, and your SISIP Financial Life Insurance.
Your last CAF move:
Intended Place of Residence (IPR)
Who is eligible and your entitlements for your last move under the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Policy Directive (CFIRPD).
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) About us Public programs, services, and activities to eligible members and their families on behalf of the Chief of Military Personnel.
How to apply for Federal Public Service Job Opportunities How to apply for federal public service job opportunities and your eligibility for a Priority Entitlement, Preference or Mobility.
External Support Find out how external organizations and online tools support transitioning members, veterans and their families.

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