Online Registration Tool (ORT) for Cadets

Getting Started

Before starting your online application ensure you have this information ready:

  • The applicants health card information including expiry date if applicable.
  • Address and phone numbers of all parents/guardians.

Once you begin your online registration you will be unable to leave the session without having to restart.

Step One

Log on to the Online Registration Tool (ORT). Use the online unit directory on the first page to select which corps or squadron you are looking to join. Enter your desired corps/sqn and e-mail address to receive your registration link.

Step Two

Using the registration link provided to you via email you are ready to start your registration process. Follow the directions in the form, and once the registration is complete you will recieve an email confirmation that your information has been sent to your chosen corps or squadron.

Step Three

The Corps/Squadron staff will contact you to arrange a time to review official identification, address any questions that require clarification, and welcome you to the Cadet Program!

If you have any questions regarding the ORT please go to our FAQ Page.

Terms of Use
Applicant agreement

A Cadet

  • is expected to participate in cadet activities and follow regulations, orders and instructions;

  • is expected to take good care of all items of clothing and equipment issued to them, to safeguard and return the clothing and equipment when requested to do so;

  • is expected to conduct themself in a manner that is respectful of others;

  • may end their membership with the cadet corps/squadron at any time;

  • may be expelled from the cadet corps/squadron if they commit a serious breach of conduct; and

  • is no longer eligible to be a member of a cadet corps/squadron when they turn 19 years old.

Parents/Guardian’s agreement

Parent/Guardian's responsibilities

A parent/guardian

  • is required to notify the cadet corps/squadron's Commanding Officer of any changes to the information collected on this form without delay;

  • is responsible for all items of clothing and equipment issued to their child and required to return all items of clothing and equipment when requested to do so; and

  • may be requested to support corps/squadron activities, as requested by the Local Committee.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

To process this application for membership, determine the applicant's eligibility and, if admitted, administer their membership, the Canadian Armed Forces must collect and use, as permitted under the Privacy Act, certain personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, the applicant's health insurance plan number which will be used only in case of medical emergency if parents/guardians are not available. Failure by parents/guardians to provide the requested information could render the applicant ineligible to join the Sea, Army, or Air Cadet Program and participate in activities.

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of section 46 of the National Defence Act and will be used by the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group for the purpose of the administration of the Sea, Army, and Air Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers programs. Personal information may also be used for audit, evaluation, research and/or statistical purposes.

The Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group and the Canadian Armed Forces, will not use your personal information for any purposes other than the purposes described in this privacy notice statement without first obtaining your explicit consent, except when otherwise required by law, which includes the circumstances listed under s. 8(2) of the Privacy Act.

Personal information collected, as well as its use, disclosure, and retention, is described in the following Personal Information Bank published on DND’s Information about Programs and Information Holdings (IPIH) page: DND PPU 839: Information on Cadets (Air, Army, Sea) and Junior Canadian Rangers. Note that personal information collected by the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group will be retained for at least two years after the last administrative action, which is a mandatory minimum retention period under. s. 4 of the Privacy Regulations if personal information is used for an administrative purpose. Original copies of membership are available to the individual upon termination of their membership. Photocopies of original records are retained until the individual reaches the age of 25 and are then destroyed.

The Army, Navy, and Air Cadet Leagues are not for profit organizations that are external to the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group, and the Canadian Armed Forces. The role of the Cadet Leagues is to provide funding and administrative support to the Cadet Program including, but not limited to, the administration of insurance coverage of cadet youth participants, support to optional training activities such as effective speaking competitions, participation in recreational activities, tours of facilities and museum visits. They also support the program by providing scholarships and bursaries, and by recognizing cadet service through the various awards.

In the event of a cadet injuring themself during cadet activities, the Canadian Armed Forces will provide a copy of their injury report (DND 2299) to the national office of the applicable Cadet League for insurance purposes. Other personal information may also be shared with the leagues if it is necessary for the administration of the Cadet Program. Personal information that is not necessary for the administration of the Cadet Program will not be shared with the leagues without your consent.

Should you choose to opt in to share your personal information with the Cadet Leagues, your contact information and your child’s contact information, specifically, will be shared with the Cadet Leagues to allow them to communicate with you about upcoming events, activities, and ways that you can get involved to support the Cadet Leagues.

Other than the sharing of personal information that is required for the administration of the Cadet Program, cadets and/or their families are under no obligation to provide consent to allow the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group to share their personal information with the Cadet Leagues. Sharing personal information with the Cadet Leagues for other purpose than the administration of the Cadet Program is not required to participate in cadet activities.

There may also be situations when the Canadian Armed Forces will be required to disclose cadets' personal information to external organizations, whether they be governmental, non-governmental or private, Canadian or foreign for the purpose of administering the Cadet Program.

Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to access your personal information and request corrections to your personal information. Should you wish to exercise your rights under the Privacy Act, or have any questions about this privacy notice statement, you are encouraged to speak to your corps/squadron Commanding Officer and/or contact DND’s Directorate of Access to Information and Privacy (DAIP) by submitting a Personal Information Request Form online, or send a written request to:


Directorate of Access to Information and Privacy (DAIP)
Department of National Defence
60 Moodie Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2


Should you wish to lodge a complaint with respect to the handling of your personal information, you may do so by contacting the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Intolerances

It is important for the cadet and their parents/guardians to be aware that the Canadian Armed Forces are unable to guarantee that allergen-free foods or food preparation conditions can be provided to cadets. These limitations apply to meals and snacks prepared by the Canadian Armed Forces, caterer, civilian volunteers, or parents/guardians, and for all types of programs, courses and activities conducted throughout the year, whether locally or away. The Canadian Armed Forces are concerned and advise parents/guardians that for those cadets with food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances it may not always be safe to participate in all cadet activities.

If the cadet or their parents/guardians have any questions related to this topic, they can contact the corps/squadron Commanding Officer.

Parental Consent

hereby consent:

  • to the applicant becoming a Sea, Army, or Air Cadet, whichever applies and participating in activities conducted in the corps/squadron's region;

  • to the applicant receiving emergency medical and dental treatment; and

  • to medical professionals disclosing to Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel findings, test results and treatment related to the cadet resulting from said emergency care.

hereby certify that:

  • I understand that cadet activities may include strenuous physical activities;

  • to the best of my knowledge, the applicant is physically, medically, and psychologically fit to join the Sea, Army, or Air Cadet Program and participate in related activities, except where indicated in the Health Questionnaire section; and

  • the information on this form is complete, accurate and valid to the best of my knowledge.

hereby acknowledge that:

  • the Canadian Armed Forces will collect, use, and disclose personal information related to the cadet as stated above under the heading “Collection, Use and disclosure of Personal Information."

As the applicant's parent/guardian, I/we hereby agree to fulfill our responsibilities as described above under the heading “Parent’s Responsibilities.”

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