11-10 Annex E - Viability of a Cadet Corps

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This annex establishes the policy and procedures relating to the continued viability of a cadet corps in accordance with QR (Cadets) 2.40


2. D Cdts, in consultation with the national office of the appropriate League, is responsible for setting policy on the viability of a cadet corps. 


3. Annually, the CO RCSU shall review the status of the cadet corps within his/her responsibility. When it becomes apparent that a cadet corps is becoming ineffective, inactive, or does not maintain the minimum authorized strength of cadets or cadet instructors, he or she shall conduct an evaluation to determine the continued viability of the cadet corps before deciding on probation or recommendation for disbandment or amalgamation with another cadet corps. The normal minimum authorized strength is 30 cadets and four officers of the CIC

4. The CO RCSU shall consult the Division or Provincial Committee of the appropriate League during the evaluation process. The manner in which this consultation will take place is subject to QR (Cadets) article 2.40, paragraph 3, is left to the discretion of the CO RCSU.


5. The following conditions shall be used as a basis for evaluating the viability of a cadet corps: 

  1. size of the cadet corps. Is the cadet corps capable of achieving a strength of 30 cadets? Are there extraordinary circumstances to consider?;
  2. is the cadet corps fulfilling its requirements with respect to the following:
    (1) local headquarters (LHQ) training program?; 
    (2) cadet corps administration?; and 
    (3) cadet corps logistics?; 
  3. does the cadet corps have a balanced hierarchy of cadets?; 
  4. is the supervision provided by the officers of the CIC sufficient?; 
  5. is the cadet corps receiving adequate parent, sponsor, League, affiliated unit, community and CF support and to what extent?;
  6. is the youth population base in the local community capable of supporting one or more cadet corps?; 
  7. is there another cadet corps of the same element with which it can be amalgamated? Would the amalgamation be more cost effective to the cadet program? Would the cadets benefit by combining the cadet corps?;
  8. have the perceived problems been discussed with the local League sponsor or appropriate Division or Provincial Committee of the appropriate League level representative? and 
  9. is the sponsor providing adequate facilities to support the administration, training and logistical requirements of the cadet corps?

Marginally Viable Corps

6. If the evaluation determines that the cadet corps is marginally viable but requires additional assistance/support, the procedures below are to be followed: 

  1. the CO RCSU will place the cadet corps on probation for up to one year and notify D Cdts. The CO RCSU, in consultation with the Division or Provincial Committee of the appropriate League, will then ensure that the required support is provided or sought in order to correct/raise the noted deficiency to an acceptable level; 
  2. upon notification that the CO RCSU has placed a cadet corps on probation, D Cdts will notify the national office of the appropriate League; 
  3. at the end of that one-year probationary period, another evaluation will be conducted and if the cadet corps is not at the acceptable level, but has shown signs of improvement and is still considered potentially viable, the probationary period may be extended for another year; and 
  4. if after three consecutive extensions of probation the cadet corps has not improved to the minimum acceptable level, the CO RCSU will submit to D Cdts a recommendation to disband the cadet corps, amalgamate it with another one if possible or, under exceptional circumstances, follow a different course of action deemed appropriate.

Corps Not Viable

7. If the evaluation determines that, in the best interests of the cadet movement, it is not viable to retain the cadet corps as an independent corps, the CO RCSU in consultation with the Division or Provincial Committee, will submit a recommendation to D Cdts to either disband the cadet corps or amalgamate it with another.  

Disbandment or Amalgamation

8. Recommendation for disbandment or amalgamation of a cadet corps shall be submitted as per Annex F of this CATO

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