14-06 Annex D – Recreational and Educational Trip Letter Format to Parents/Guardians

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

Notes on customizing this letter

1. Words [in parentheses] require that they be:

  1. kept or deleted, as applicable; or
  2. replaced with the requested/appropriate information.

2. Delete any information not applicable.

3. Add any required information not found.

4. Reproduce locally as required.

5. Provide 2 copies to each parent/guardian: 1 to sign and return, 1 to keep.

Informed Parental Consent - Waiver

To parents/guardians: please return this form filled in and signed to [corps/squadron].


1. To parents/guardians of cadets from [corps/squadron] who are participating in the trip to [destination] from [date] to [date], [year].

2. The purpose of this letter is to formally advise you of details of this trip and make you aware of the roles, responsibilities and liability of the [cadet league], the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces, cadets and yourself.  Your signature at the end of this letter will indicate that you have read and understand this letter and accept the conditions and risks to your son/daughter/ward and yourself under which this trip is being conducted.


3. Within the Canadian Cadet program, this activity is NOT part of the normal training program and is described as an "Optional Activity" not funded by the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces. Cadet attendance is voluntary only and failure to attend has no effect on a cadet's career, promotion or selection for other training opportunities.

4. As an "Optional Activity," the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces neither sponsors this activity nor provides support for it. The [local sponsor] that supports [corps/squadron] is the official sponsor for this activity.


5. Within the Canadian Forces (CF):

  1. only an officer of the Cadet Instructor Cadre may be appointed as an officer in charge of Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets; and
  2. only appropriately trained CF Regular and Reserve personnel and Civilian Instructors (CIs) are authorized to supervise Royal Canadian Sea, Army and Air Cadets.

6. [Navy League Cadet officers], [cadet league] members, parents, guardians and volunteers are NOT authorized to supervise and escort Royal Canadian [element] Cadets.  For this activity, the official escorts are:

[list the names of the officers of the CIC  and CI escorts]

7. It is government policy to indemnify and provide legal assistance to members of the CF (which includes officers of the CIC) and CIs for certain risks arising from the performance of their duties, including the supervision and escorting of cadets if:

  1. they acted honestly;
  2. they did not act maliciously;
  3. they worked within the normal scope of their duties and responsibilities; and
  4. they met reasonable departmental expectations in the performance of their duties.

Activities and Itinerary

8. A detailed itinerary for this trip is attached. It outlines daily activities, timings, locations, methods of transportation and accommodations that will be used.


Cadets will be supervised by officers of the CIC and CIs at all times except during "FREE TIME" periods as stated in the itinerary.  These "FREE TIME" periods will permit cadets to take walks, go shopping or participate in other periods of relaxation not directly related to the trip activities.

Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs

9. In accordance with cadet policies, cadets are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages or using illegal drugs.  If these rules are broken, the following may occur:

  1. the cadet may be sent home at the parent's/guardian's expense;
  2. the cadet may be prohibited from taking part in any further trip activities;
  3. the cadet may lose cadet training and cadet membership privileges; and
  4. if injured while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, medical insurance MAY NOT apply and any resulting expenses could be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


10. Cadets shall have the following documentation in their possession before leaving home:

  1. their provincial health card; a photocopy of the card or its number written down could be refused by medical facilities who may see it as inadequate proof of identification;
  2. [photo ID/birth certificate/passport/entry visas/etc.]; and
  3. (etc.)

11. The costs of obtaining the [photo ID/birth certificate/passport/entry visa/etc.] will be [the cadet’s responsibility/reimbursed by the sponsoring committee/etc.]


12. During authorized international trips and exchange programs, all cadets on strength at a corps/squadron, attending CSTC/RGS, participating in a RCSU/D Cdts & JCR activity or participating in an international exchange program are covered by the CF for emergency medical or dental care.

13. Through [insurer], [type of insurance, i.e. baggage, air flight accident, etc.] insurance coverage may be purchased by parents/guardians.

14. Parents/Guardians should check their own home‑owners/renters insurance and determine what coverage/benefits they may already have on these matters.


15. [corps/squadron] recommends that each cadet visit his or her doctor for a check up to discuss the trip to [destination] in [month]. [At Springtime/Wintertime/Summertime/Falltime this is cool/hot and very damp/dry].


Cadets with allergies or asthma may be affected by the environment visited.

16. [corps/squadron] will be travelling with over‑the‑counter medications that may be administered if necessary and with prior parent’s/guardian’s consent.  Only the [Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charge/Medical Officer (term to be used only for doctors)/Nurse/First Aider] will administer these medications.  Dosage instructions will be followed as per package instructions.  On the consent form below, parents/guardians are requested to initial if they agree or disagree to have certain medications administered to their son/daughter/ward during the course of the trip.

17. Prescribed medications MUST be carried by the cadet in a pharmacy-labelled bottle with current doctor's orders clearly typed.  Your son/daughter/ward should bring only enough medication for the trip (plus a little extra in case of spillage).

18. Medical Alert Bracelets.  Please arrange for your son/daughter/ward to wear a medical alert bracelet as recommended by your physician or pharmacist for life threatening allergies or for complicated medical conditions.  Complicated or multiple issues may require a written, detailed explanation be kept on the cadet's person while travelling, in case he or she is separated from the [Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charge/Escorts].


Consent and Release of Liability

1. By my signature, I, [print full name], the parent or legal guardian of [print full name], a member of the Royal Canadian [element] Cadets, realizing the potential hazards associated with travelling away from the cadet [corps/squadron] locality [city] and taking part in cadet activities and training, on behalf of myself and him/her [cross out non applicable], and my and his/her [cross out non applicable] heirs, devisees, successors, assigns, executors and administrators, in consideration of him/her [cross out non applicable] being permitted to participate in a trip to [destination], from [date] to [date], including visits to [major locations and activities of significance], or any other activities related to this trip, hereby:

  1. acknowledge having read the terms and conditions of this activity funded by the Department of National Defence and indicate my understanding and acceptance;
  2. accept/do not accept (cross out non applicable) that my son/daughter/ward will occasionally have "FREE TIME" without direct supervision;
  3. give the [Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charge/Medical Officer/Nurse/First Aider] permission to authorize emergency medical treatment if required for my son/daughter/ward;
  4. having determined that the activities involve potential hazards and may result in physical harm and wishing in any event him/her (cross out non applicable) to carry out the activity voluntarily assume any risks that may be associated with the activity; and
  5. waive all claims of any nature or kind whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, against Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, Her officers, servants, agents, employees and members of Her Canadian Forces and the [cadet league] its officers, servants, agents, employees and members, all in their employment and private capacities, in any manner arising out of, based upon, occasioned by or attributable to the activities of them, including negligence on their part, or any action taken or things done or maintained by virtue thereof.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]



2. Parents/Guardians are requested to initial if they agree or disagree to have the medications listed below administered if necessary by the [Commanding Officer/Officer-in-Charge/Medical Officer/Nurse/First Aider] to their son/daughter/ward during the course of the trip.

TYLENOL 325 mg tablets for pain or fever will be administered according to package directives.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]


IBUPROPHEN tablets for pain relief, muscle pain and reduce fever will be administered according to package directives.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]


GRAVOL 50 mg tablets for travel nausea (on the airplane probably) will be administered according to package directives.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]


DIPHENHYDRAMINE (Benadryl) for symptoms of allergic rhinitis, motion sickness and insect bites and stings will be administered according to package directives.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]


ROBITUSSIN DM syrup for cough suppression will be administered according to package directives.

[Signature of parent/guardian]

[Signature of witness]


3. Cadets travelling with prescription drugs are requested to list them below.

Prescribed Medication:

[Insert prescribed medication]


[Insert reason]

4. Cadets are requested to provide a list of their known allergies.

[Insert allergies]


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