14-41 Annex B - ​Cadet Rifles

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This annex establishes the policy for marksmanship and drill purpose models of rifles authorized for use within the CCORCSUs are responsible for compliance, by all units within their respective regions, with the requirements of this directive.

2. This annex does not supersede any references or additional orders issued by NDHQ technical authorities with regard to the security, safe possession, employment or handling of rifles.  It does, however, supersede the previous version of this CATO as well as all messages, directives and policy statements previously issued by D Cdts & JCR relating to authorized rifle entitlement, ownership and management.

3. This annex does not create any supply entitlement to hold a specific model or quantity of rifles.  This order only defines which models of rifles may be retained subject to the relevant supply allocations and entitlements.

4. Regardless of the source or manner of rifle acquisition (i.e. national procurement, sponsor, gift, etc.) no rifle is to be brought onto cadet customer accounts, or utilized in cadet-sponsored training/activities, unless approved by both the D Cdts Life Cycle Maintenance Manager (LCMM) and the Director Soldier Systems Program Management 5 (DSSPM 5) prior to acquisition/procurement. All rifles shall be correctly identified in accordance with the list of authorized rifles provided herein. Issuance of rifles is permitted only by authority of both D Cdts and JCR and DSSPM 5.

Note 1: Regional creation/assignment of Permanent System Control Numbers (PSCNs) and/or any other locally generated means of rifle identification is not permitted.

Note 2: Any existing holdings of rifles, not compliant with the identification requirements stated in para 4 of this document, are to be immediately reported to D Cdts LCMM so that appropriate corrective actions may be initiated.

5. The possession/utilization of non-public fund rifles is prohibited. Therefore, all rifles retained/utilized shall be held as public property on an appropriate Supply Customer Account (SCA). Such public property is subject to distribution/re-distribution/disposal under the direct control of D Cdts LCMM.

Note: All rifles, including air rifles, authorized for retention require secure storage as describe in Annex B, Appendix 1.

6. All drill purpose rifles shall be permanently decommissioned in accordance with the Land Maintenance Instruction. Note that only CF maintenance personnel may perform decommissioning with DSSPM 5 authorization.

Air Rifles Maintenance Workshop

7. A training workshop has been developed to support the maintaining and maintenance functions for Daisy air rifles. Candidates who successfully complete this training are authorized and qualified to take the following actions:

  1. disassemble the Daisy air rifle and conduct a diagnostic;
  2. conduct the required repairs and/or maintenance;
  3. order replacement parts; and
  4. determine the status of the air rifle for disposal measures by the Canadian Forces Supply System.

8. Every candidate who completes the training will receive a certificate. A letter certifying the candidate’s qualifications will also be sent out to the regions for information and follow-up purposes. This letter must be added to the candidate’s personal file.

Storage and Transport of Rifles

9. The standards for the storage of rifles are described in Appendix 1.

10. The standards for the transport of rifles are described in Appendix 2.

Use of Marksmanship and Biathlon Simulators

11. The policy concerning the use of biathlon and marksmanship simulators is described in Appendix 3.

Authorized Rifle Models

  1. 12. The following rifles are authorized to be held by any cadet corps/squadron, CSTC and RCSU:
  2. .177 cal, Daisy/Avanti Model 853C, NSN 1005-01-389-2310;
  3. .22 cal, Lee Enfield Number 7,  Mark 1, NSN 1005-21-103-1203;
  4. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 64, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  5. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 64R, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  6. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 190, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  7. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1403, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  8. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1403D, NSN 1005-12-322-1301;
  9. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1407D (R/H), NSN 1005-21-882-2372;
  10. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1407LD (L/H), NSN 1005-21-882-2373;
  11. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1427, NSN 1005-12-165-2990;
  12. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1813, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  13. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1827 (R/H), NSN 1005-12-307-6117;
  14. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1827 (L/H), NSN 1005-12-307-6116;
  15. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1827F (R/H) Fortner, NSN 1005-12-318-4050;
  16. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1827F (L/H) Fortner, NSN 1005-12-318-3928;
  17. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 1903, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  18. .22 cal, Anschutz Model 2000, NSN 1005-12-310-7069;
  19. .22 cal, Cooey Model C2B1, NSN 1005-21-103-1155, in drill purpose configuration with bolt removed and decommissioned to prevent chambering of ammunition; and
  20. Lee Enfield (various models/calibres), NSN 6910-21-116-7861, in drill purpose configuration with bolt removed and decommissioned to prevent chambering of ammunition.

Note: Some Anschutz rifles were imported by North American manufacturers under miscellaneous model descriptions. For example, the Savage/Anschutz Mark 12 is a Anschutz Model 1403 or 1903 version sold on the North America market.  In this instance it is a regional responsibility to ensure the rifles are correctly identified and recorded on the SCAs.

13. The following rifles are authorized to be held at any CSTC and RCSU:

  1. .303 cal, Lee Enfield, No. 4, NSN 1005-21-103-7587;
  2. 5.56mm, rifle C7, NSN 1005-21-898-7044;
  3. 5.56mm, rifle C7A1, NSN 1005-21-909-7599; and
  4. 12 gauge, shotguns, any NSN.

14. Only the Connaught Army Cadet National Summer Training Centre has authorization to hold the following rifles for use in courses or activities sanctioned by D Cdts & JCR:

  1. 5.56 mm, C11 Target Rifle, NSN 1005-21-911-5191, 1005-21-911-5192, 1005-21-911-5193;
  2. 7.62 mm, C12A1 Target Rifle RH, NSN 1005-21-920-5517;
  3. 7.62 mm, C12A1 Target Rifle LH, NSN 1005-21-920-5516; and
  4. various calibres and models of non-standard rifles on behalf of D Cdts & JCR for test and evaluation.

15. The following rifles are no longer to be held by the CCO:

  1. .177 cal, Anschutz Model 335, NSN 1095-12-156-6286;
  2. .177 cal, Anschutz Model 380, NSN 1095-12-310-7070;
  3. .177 cal, high performance competition grade air rifles with a muzzle velocity exceeding 500 feet per second/fps or 152.4 meters per second/mps; and
  4. .22 cal, model Finn biathlon.

16. For non-conforming weapons, NSN 1005-21-920-8660 shall be used with Stock Condition Code 92 for disposal.


Appendix 1

Storage of Rifles

Appendix 2

Transportation of Rifles and Ammunition

Appendix 3

Use of Marksmanship and Biathlon Simulators

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