14-41 Annex B Appendix 3 - ​Use of Marksmanship and Biathlon Simulators

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This appendix establishes the policy for the use of small arms simulators within the CCO.

2. This policy applies only to simulators specifically designed to promote marksmanship and/or biathlon skills development.  It does not apply to “arcade” style games, or simulators developed for other training requirements.


3. Simulators can provide excellent training opportunities. It is a leadership responsibility to ensure that they are used in an appropriate manner and that cadets are supervised at an appropriate level when simulator training is being conducted.

4. Cadets, Cadet Instructors and CIs are authorized to use marksmanship and biathlon simulators under the following conditions:

  1. the marksmanship and/or biathlon simulators will be used only in support of developing skills directly related to the cadet marksmanship and biathlon programs;
  2. marksmanship and biathlon simulator training will be conducted on an as available basis and at no cost to the CCO; and
  3. use or engagement of figure targets or human representation targets during the simulation training is strictly prohibited.

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