Canadian Forces Honours Policy Manual

Provides Canadian Forces personnel with the rules and regulations for wearing, replacing and recommending national honours and awards.


(Supersedes A-DH-300-000/AG-001 dated 2019-06-01)

Office of Primary Importance (OPI): Policy Officer at DH&R


The Canadian Forces Honours Policy Manual is issued under the authority of the Chief Military Personnel (CMP).


  1. A-DH-300-000/AG-001, Canadian Forces Honours Policy Manual, is issued on authority of the Chief of Military Personnel (CMP).
  2. The short title for this publication shall be CF Honours Policy Manual (CFHPM).
  3. A-DH-300-000/AG-001 is effective upon receipt and supersedes all honours policy and rules previously issued as a manual, supplement, or instruction, except King’s Regulation and Orders (KR&O) Chapter 18, which takes precedence over this manual.
  4. Command directives may amplify and compliment, but shall not contradict or diminish the directions and instructions contained herein.
  5. Suggestions for revision shall be forwarded through the chain of command to the CMP, Attention: Policy Officer, Directorate of Honours and Recognition (DH&R). Refer to Chapter 1.



  1. The Sovereign, The King of Canada, is the FONS HONORIS - the fount of all honours. National honours are normally created by letters patent issued by the Sovereign and all such honours are bestowed in His Majesty’s name.
  2. The Governor General (GG) is charged with the administration of the Canadian Honours System.
  3. The Prime Minister of Canada has prerogative powers and ministerial responsibilities for the Canadian Honours System and is advised by a Government Honours Policy Committee (HPC), which includes a representative from the Department of National Defence (DND).
  4. The National Honours Policy exists to guide the development of all national honours and is administered by the Chancellery of Honours, Office of the Secretary to the GG (OSGG). This national system encompasses the creation and administration of Canadian Honours, including national and military honours. A “Policy Governing the Establishment of Honours for Members of the Canadian Forces (CF)”, which was approved by the Prime Minister in 1982, exists to guide the development of the system of recognition for members of the CF.
  5. DH&R administers National Honours under delegated authority on behalf of the Chancellery of Honours, OSGG and the Government of Canada (GC).
  6. DH&R is the military secretariat for individual and collective honours and departmental awards to CF members, and provides for the development of CF Honours Policy. Military honours are part of a national system for all Canadians.
  7. Proposals to create new or modify existing military honours, as well as to add or amend elements on eligibility lists for campaign and service medals, shall be forwarded through the chain of command to the appropriate Level 1 (L1) Advisor and then to DH&R for consideration and submission to the CF Honours Policy Committee (CFHPC).
  8. The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) and the CMP are advised internally by:
    1. the CFHPC (ref Chapter 1, Annex A) which provides the focal point for coordinating the views of all CF environments and organizations, and recommends changes to established policy (policy and proposals for new or modifications of existing military honours);
    2. the Order of Military Merit Advisory Council (ORMM) Advisory Council (ref Chapter 2, Annex A);
    3. the DND St. John Honours and Awards Committee (ref Chapter 2, Annex B);
    4. the CF Decorations Advisory Committee (CFDAC) (ref Chapter 2, Annex C), which deals with individual nominations of CF members for decorations (Military Valour, Bravery, and Meritorious Service) and nominations for Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation; and
    5. the Armed Forces Council (AFC).

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