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Canadians have told us they want improvements to the services we deliver. We’re listening.

Below are some examples of the service solutions that we are implementing in order to transform your service experience.

For more information on how we are improving services, please visit the Improving Services for Canadians webpage.

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Service Transformation Plan commitments

Commitments accomplished to date


  • Provide EI applicants with the ability to save and return to their application later
  • Use email notifications to prompt clients to review their EI claim information through their My Service Canada Account (MSCA)
  • Share direct deposit information with CRA, beginning with CPP
  • Leverage information the department already has to auto-enroll GIS clients


  • Authorize delegates to access services on behalf of the client
  • Provide a smart application that asks clients questions in plain language
  • Survey clients on improving services
  • Simplify the application form for clients applying for CPP-Disability
  • Review EI service standards
  • Maintain or increase the number of specialized call centre agents
  • Launch a pilot expanding Video Chat in select Service Canada Centres
  • Enhance the toolset for mobile outreach and expanding service partnerships with provinces/ territories to improve access to services in remote regions
  • Develop a preliminary business case for an ePayroll solution
  • Undertake a review of the Social Security Tribunal (SST) and Request for Reconsiderations processes


  • Finalize the plan and procurements for implementing Benefit Delivery Modernization
  • Introduce a mobile app for IOS and Android for ESDC/Service Canada services, beginning with Job Bank
  • Use a crowdsourcing strategy to collect input from Canadians and inform policy development
  • Enhance the existing online benefits finder tool to make it easier and more intuitive for Canadians

Expected to launch in the coming months

  • Launch an identity-validation service pilot that enables federal, provincial and territorial governments to confirm client identities securely and instantaneously
  • Allow clients to upload documents online for CPP-Disability

Exploring further

  • Improve the consistency of program and service related information across all channels by using standardized tools
  • Introduce the use of alternative payment vehicles (e.g., reloadable debit cards) for clients without a bank account

No longer pursuing (client needs are better addressed through other future solutions)

  • Launch a community forum (Ask Canada) to help Canadians find answers to common questions

Benefits and services finder

ESDC Service Transformation Solutions
Benefits and services finder – Text version

Benefits and services finder

We make a positive difference every day through the benefits that we offer. The Benefits Finder tool opens the door to federal and provincial/territorial benefits and services that clients may be eligible for by asking them a few simple questions.

The Benefits Finder tool is:

  • Quick and easy to search through hundreds of benefits instantly from a desktop or mobile device.
  • Tailored to clients by generating a customized list of potential benefits like CPP, EI and other provincial/territorial programs.
  • Printable and portable so clients can email and print their results to review at their convenience.
  • Always improving thanks to your feedback and input.

Did you know?

Over 25,000 Canadians discover the benefits they may be eligible for each week.

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Our Services are Transforming Thanks to Your Feedback

Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS)

Community Outreach and Liaison Service
Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS) – Text version

ESDC Service Transformation Solutions

Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS)

The COLS solution provides Service Canada outreach staff with the tools they need in the field (hardware and software) to offer full service to clients in remote communities across the country.

The COLS solution provides:

  • More access for outreach staff to the ESDC network, system applications and tools like guides and reference materials.
  • Better connectivity with new lightweight hardware to offer more services and support in rural and remote areas.
  • Innovative tools that offer the same service experience as at a Service Canada Centre.
  • Secure access and extends our transactional service offerings to clients in real time.

Our Services are Transforming Thanks to Your Feedback!

Client Centric Policy (CCP)

Client Centric Policy (CCP)
Client Centric Policy (CCP) – Text version

ESDC Service Transformation Solutions

Client Centric Policy

The Department is developing simple, practical, standard approaches for engaging the public and other end users in the development and implementation of ESDC policies related to its programs and services. This is being done to help ensure that clients are driving how we do business.

The Client Centric Policy solution will:

  • Ensure that ESDC program and service policies reflect what Canadians need, want and expect as clients.
  • Provide opportunities for Canadians to participate in discussions to shape ESDC policy.
  • Reach marginalized segments of the population to ensure they are informed, consulted and able to participate in the design of ESDC policy.

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Our services are transforming thanks to your feedback!

Video chat

Chart Video chat : description follows
Video chat – Text Version

ESCD Service Transformation Solutions

Video Chat

Video Chat provides Canadians visiting select Service Canada Centres (SCCs) with the option of being served using Video Chat technology (through a video interface, such as Skype or Lync) by Citizen Services Officers located in different offices in their region.

The Video Chat feature will:

  • Reduce client wait times in high volume SCCs by distributing workloads more evenly to SCCs across their region.
  • Extend the reach of ESDC program specialists.
  • Ensure Video Chat provides clients with the same levels of quality, safety and security as in-person SCCs.

Our Services are Transforming Thanks to Your Feedback!

ESDC's service transformation

ESDC's Service Transformation : description follows
ESDC's Service Transformation – Text version

ESCD Service Transformation

ESDC has a service strategy framed around what Canadians want…

Digitally self-serve

  • I can easily access service online, but I know I can access them through other channels if I need to.
  • I receive online assistance when I need it.

Access services seamlessly

  • I am not asked twice for the same information.
  • I can seamlessly access services across channels.
  • When I apply for one service, I am informed of other government services that I may be eligible for.

Receive high-quality, timely accurate services

  • I receive benefits and services that I am entitled to, when I need them.
  • I am notified promptly when there are updates or changes related to my benefits.

Have their needs anticipated

  • I am notified of benefits and services that I may be eligible for.
  • I receive benefits that I am entitled to without applying.
  • My feedback shapes service design and delivery.

Receive service from a well-equipped, knowledgeable workforce

  • Employees use modern tools to engage clients online.
  • Employees have the resources to resolve issues at the first point of contact.
  • Employees have opportunities to improve service delivery.

In response, we’ve changed our way of working to ensure that clients are at the centre of everything we do!

We’re bringing together employees, clients and business experts so they are involved in all phases of solution development – from design, to prototyping, to testing.

Under the 4 dimensions of client service excellence…


A world-class experience delivering benefits and services when I need them.


Accurate and consistent service, no matter where I live.


Issues resolved the first time I contact the Department.


I have 100% accessibility, with digital by choice everywhere.

…Here are some of the things we’ve already done

We’re now sharing direct deposit and address info with CRA so clients don’t have to.

GIS recipients are now being auto-enrolled without having to apply for their benefits.

We’ve cut the EI wait period from two weeks to one.

Passport services have been expanded to over 300 Service Canada Centres.

This is just the beginning, we are exploring many other service improvements

Clients will actively participate in Crowdsourcing policy development through consultations and discussions.

Clients in communities with limited connectivity will be able to receive faster services through the use of satellite technology.

Clients will have the option of sending us their supporting documentation electronically through document upload functionality.

Clients will be able to hold face-to-face conversations with ESDC specialists through video kiosks at Service Canada Centres.

These improvements need your support to succeed!

Our success depends on YOUR commitment and engagement throughout this transformation process. Nobody knows service better than you, we need your ideas.

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