Supporting Canadians with disabilities – Bill C-22, the Canada Disability Benefit Act

On June 2, 2022, the Government of Canada introduced Bill C-22, the Canada Disability Benefit Act. The legislation proposes a new benefit, the Canada Disability Benefit (CDB). This benefit would help reduce poverty among working-age Canadians with disabilities.

Working-age Canadians with disabilities are twice as likely to live in poverty as working-age people without disabilities and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even worse. That is why the Government of Canada is trying to address the financial hardships and other barriers faced by persons with disabilities. The aim is to ensure a Canada that is inclusive for all Canadians, including persons with disabilities.

The Canada Disability Benefit is a key commitment and is the cornerstone of the Government’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) – a Plan that was promised in the 2020 Speech from the Throne. The DIAP is a blueprint for change to make Canada more inclusive for persons with disabilities. It is based on the understanding that disability inclusion benefits everyone. The DIAP will evolve over time – the aim is to take action across the Government of Canada and make targeted investments to create lasting change.

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