Federal labour standards and equity

Information on rights, termination and severance pay, minimum wage, hours of work, vacation and leave and pay equity.

Services and information

Federal labour standards

Information on standards that protect the rights of workers, foster positive workplace environments and proactive relationships between managers and employees.

Labour standards across Canada

Includes links to provincial and territorial labour boards across Canada. Learn about labour laws, worker rights and obligations.

Federal construction contracts

Whenever contractors bid on federal construction projects, they must agree to meet the conditions defined in the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act.

Wage Earner Protection Program

The Wage Earner Protection Program compensates eligible workers for unpaid wages, vacation, severance and termination pay they are owed when their employer declares bankruptcy or becomes subject to a receivership.

Equality and inclusion

Learn about your rights and the resources available to you.

Minimum wage database

Information on historical as well as current minimum wages.