About the Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP)

You may be eligible to receive a payment under the Wage Earner Protection Program Act if:

A trustee or receiver will be named to handle your former employer’s bankruptcy, receivership, or other WEPP qualifying insolvency proceeding file.

You will need to file a proof of claim with the trustee or receiver as soon as possible.

  • Changes to the WEPP Regulations In effect November 20, 2021

    • In addition to bankruptcies and receiverships, the following 3 WEPP qualifying insolvency proceedings have been introduced:
      • proposals under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act (BIA) (Division 1 Part III). Note: this also includes a Notice of Intention to file a proposal under the BIA (Division 1 Part III)
      • certain Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) proceedings
      • certain foreign proceedings
    • WEPP payments for any WEPP qualifying insolvency proceeding that occurs on or after November 20, 2021 will no longer be reduced by the 6.82% offset
    • The payment mechanism, and amounts payable, to offset the costs of administering the WEPP for insolvency professionals has been updated

    For more information on the new changes, consult the WEPP Act and Regulations:

    • for proposals and CCAA filing, section 5(b)(iv) of the Act and 3.1 of the Regulations
    • for foreign proceedings, section 5(b)(iii) of the Act and 3.2 of the Regulations
    • for trustee payment, section 18 of the Regulations


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