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Updates to the Canada Labour Code

The Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, under Part II of the Code, set health and safety standards to help prevent accidents and injuries in federally regulated workplaces.

Part XII of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations has been updated. These updates reflect new industry standards on safety equipment and will ensure that employees covered by the Code are using modern safety technology. Employees are now better protected from potential health or safety hazards in the workplace.

Updates have been made to the systems, procedures, clothing and safety material listed below:

Who does Part II of the Canada Labour Code cover?

This part applies to interprovincial and international transportation, banks, telecommunications, broadcasting, shipping and related services, the grain industry, most Crown corporations, the federal public service and more.

A list of federally regulated businesses and industries can be found at Regulated-Industries.

The health and safety items listed above have been updated to reflect the most recent version of standards set by the CSA Group and the UL.

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