Reports and publications: Education savings

The following reports and publications provide comprehensive information about government financial assistance available for students.

Canada Education Savings Program (CESP) statistical reviews

These reports provide statistics on the incentives offered by the Canada Education Savings Program, such as:

  • the Registered Education Savings Plans
  • the Canada Education Savings Grant
  • the Canada Learning Bond

CESP Annual Statistical Review 2022


Canada Education Savings Program part 2: Final evaluation report
This evaluation examines CESG take-up and impact on access to post-secondary education. It finds that the program has a positive impact on PSE access, but that lower-income families are less likely to benefit.
Evaluation of the Canada Education Savings Program: Part 1
This evaluation examines barriers or factors that prevent low‑income parents or caregivers from requesting the Canada Learning Bond on behalf of eligible children.
Canada Education Savings Program (CESP): Summative Evaluation Report
This summative evaluation examines the performance of the CESP and to what extent the CESP is achieving its objective.
Canada Learning Bond for those under 18 years old
This 2-page brochure describes the benefits of acting now to receive $500 to help start saving for a child's education after high school.
Canada Learning Bond for 18 to 20 year olds
This 2-page brochure explains the steps required for 18 to 20 year olds to get up to $2,000 for their education after high school.
Registered Education Savings Plan – Choosing the right RESP
This 8-page pamphlet describes how to choose the right RESP for a child's post-secondary education and what to look for in an RESP provider.
It pays to plan for a child’s education
This 2-page brochure describes how to help a child succeed by planning for their education after high school.

Archived publications

Our archived publications can be found by searching the collection of Government of Canada publications.

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