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The CCAEC is one of two side agreements to the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement. The other side agreement, the Canada-Chile Agreement on Labour Cooperation, deals specifically with labour related issues. This package of agreements came into force in July of 1997.

The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement and its side accords were modelled after the North American Free Trade, Environment and Labour package of Agreements (NAFTA, NAAEC & NAALC) with a view to strengthening the existing relations between Canada and Chile.

Under the auspices of the CCAEC (the Agreement), Canada and Chile agree to enhance environmental cooperation and to effectively enforce environmental laws, such as those governing water, air, toxic substances and wildlife. The goal of the Agreement is to ensure that environmental laws and regulations in both countries provide for high levels of environmental protection.

The Agreement establishes the forum through which Canada and Chile conduct cooperative activities. The Canada-Chile Commission for Environmental Cooperation is composed of a Council, a Joint Submissions Committee and a Joint Public Advisory Committee. The Commission is supported by two National Secretariats (Canadian & Chilean) established in each country.

Cooperative activities are carried out through the annual work program and budget of the Commission.

The Agreement confirms the right of each country to establish its own level of environmental protection, policies and priorities. It does not authorize a Party to undertake activities to enforce environmental laws and regulations in the other Party's territory.

The Agreement contains provisions which allow citizens and non-governmental organizations of the two countries to make submissions alleging a Party's failure to effectively enforce its environmental laws and also contains provisions for dispute resolution when persistent patterns of non-enforcement occur.

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