Latin America and Caribbean environmental agreements with Canada

Latin America and the Caribbean are priority areas for Canada's engagement in the Americas. With the aim of ensuring that trade does not increase at the expense of environmental protection in the region, one of Environment and Climate Change Canada's key roles in Latin America and the Caribbean is to negotiate and put into action environment agreements which are developed along with Canada's free trade agreements. Environment agreements include commitments to pursue high levels of environmental protection, enforce environmental laws effectively, and ensure that countries do not relax their environmental laws to attract trade or investment. They also establish frameworks for undertaking cooperative activities that address environmental priorities of mutual concern (e.g. protecting shared migratory birds, managing chemical substances). Under the Canada-Chile Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, for example, Canada has collaborated with Chile on a series of successful cooperative work programs since the Agreement came into force in 1997.  Agreements are also in force with Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Peru.

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