Enforcement: appearance before the Standing Committee

Volkswagen (including the Environmental Damages Fund)

Q. Why was Volkswagen fined?

Q. Why did this investigation take years here but only months in the United States?

Q. Is the Government of Canada satisfied with this outcome?

Q. Why wasn’t the fine higher? In the U.S., the fine was a $2.8 billion criminal penalty or $4745 per vehicle. Why were the fines so much higher in the United States? (590,000 vehicles)

Q. Why is the outcome of the investigation in Canada different than the U.S.?

Q: What is the role and accountability of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada when it comes to the enforcement process?

Q. The Volkswagen fine of $196.5 million is significantly more than the Environmental Damages Fund has managed in 25 years. What will you do with the money?

Q: When can interested parties apply for funding?

Q. Why was PMO meeting with Volkswagen (VW) and were you aware?

Q. Did ECCC officials provide a briefing to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada on the VW investigation?

Mount Polley

Q. What is the current status of the laying of charges relating to the Mount Polley incident?

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