Climate change/greenhouse gas: appearance before the Standing Committee

Climate change (National)

Q. How is Canada’s climate changing?


Q. How is the Government supporting climate change adaptation?

Q. How does the government work with provinces and territories to ensure the federation is heading in the same direction when developing and implementing actions?


Q. How do climate actions take into account the needs of Indigenous communities? On reserve? North of 60? Remote communities?

Q. Are Indigenous Peoples co-developing Canada’s climate actions and targets?

Greehouse gas trends

Q. Does the Government of Canada plan to bring forward a more ambitious 2030 target to COP26? If so, how will you engage on the new target?

Q. How can the Government of Canada meet and exceed the Paris Agreement targets when the 4th Biennial Report shows a 77Mt gap?

Q. How much would Canada’s GHG emissions be reduced by planting 2 billion trees?

Q. How does the Government of Canada model its emissions projections?

Q. What economic modeling capacity exists within ECCC?

**If pressed

Q. What are the latest levels of GHG emissions from Canada (by sectors and provinces)? What are their trends since 2005 levels?

Impacts of climate change

Q. What is the magnitude of climate change impacts globally and in Canada?

Q. What is the Government of Canada doing to ensure there is a smooth transition to a cleaner, more sustainable economy and that it does not leave workers and communities behind (i.e. oil and gas, mining)?

Q. What incentives is the government providing to vulnerable populations, Indigenous communities, small businesses, consumers, to make costs associated with transition to a low carbon economy more affordable?

Net-zero target

Q. What is the Government of Canada doing to put Canada on the path to net-zero by 2050?

Q. Has the Government of Canada modelled the costs of getting to net-zero by 2050?

Q. The Government has commited to reaching a net-zero target by 2050. What is “net-zero” and how is it defined.

Q. What does net zero mean for the oil sands? (For LNG? For fracking?)

Strategic assessment of climate change

Q. What is the Strategic Assessment of Climate Change?

Q. What is the status of the Strategic Assessment of Climate Change?

Q. When do you plan to introduce legislation, a new climate plan, a new target and a net zero plan?

International Climate Change

Q. Why are you providing funding to other countries for climate action, when Canada is not on track to meet its own Paris Agreement targets?

Responsive on China:

Q. Does Canada plan to take credit for the global impact of its LNG/iron/uranium production?

If pressed:

Q. How are you ensuring that free trade agreements are supporting climate action?

February 2020 PBO report on pollution pricing

Q. The PBO Report that was released earlier this month (Feb 2020) estimates that the government will rake in close to $100M in GST by charging a tax on the carbon tax, can the department comment on the report?

Impact on farmers

Q. What is the Government doing to help farmers with carbon pricing?

Q. Why give (fishers/farmers/greenhouse operators) relief from the fuel charge? Why not other businesses?

Q. What is the government’s position on the constitutionality of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act?

Q. This is just another government tax grab, isn’t it?

Pollution pricing post 2022

Q. Does the Government intend to increase the carbon tax? When will it do this and by how much?

Q. Has the department completed any analysis on the price trajectory?


Q. But how is this fuel charge not a “tax”?

Q. How does putting a price on carbon pollution work to reduce emissions?

Q. How much will the federal and provincial carbon pricing systems reduce emissions?

Q. How does Alberta’s climate plan compare with the federal carbon pollution pricing system?

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