Impact Assessment Agency of Canada: appearance before the Standing Committee

Implementation of the Impact Assessment Act

Q. How many new Projects have commenced under the Impact Assessment Act?

Q. How are climate commitments (e.g. Paris Accord, Net Zero 2050) dealt with in the federal review process?

Indigenous consultations

Q. How does the impact assessment process reflect Indigenous views and perspectives?

Q. How are opposing views amongst affected Indigenous groups or within communities balanced in the federal review process (e.g. elected vs. hereditary chiefs)?

Projects subject to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012

Q. What was the average number of projects submitted for an Environmental Assessment or Impact Assessment each year?

Q. Teck has indicated it is not going to go forward with the Frontier oil sands project. What does this mean for the environmental assessment?

Regional assessment/cumulative effects

Q. How are regional assessments going to help get projects approved?

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