Technology, energy and transport: appearance before the Standing Committee

Clean technology

Can you inform the committee about what the Government’s position is regarding Clean Technology?

Clean Fuel Standard

What is the status on developing the Clean Fuel Standard?

Q. What fuels will be affected by the Clean Fuel Standard?

Coal (including the Strategic Assessment of Thermal Coal)

What is the Just Transition Task Force?

Q. What is the strategic assessment of thermal coal mining (SATCM)?

Q. How will the SATCM be developed? What is the Status on the SATCM?

Q. Why is the Government developing SATCM?

Q. What is the link with the strategic assessment of climate change (SACC) and will there be overlaps?

Fossil fuel subsidies

Q. What is being done to end fossil fuel subsidies?

Q. How did the government approach the review of fossil fuel subsidies?

Q. What progress has the government made on the G20 commitment?

Q. What is the current status and what are the next steps?

Q. If pressed on IISD study released Feb. 20 entitled Canada’s Federal Fossil Fuel Subsidies in 2020?

Q. Will the final consultation report be released publicly? Can members have a copy of the report?

**If pressed on consultation report…

Q. Can you provide the definition of efficient and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies?

Q. How will fossil fuel subsidies be considered in policy and planning to deliver on the net-zero commitment?

Q. What is an example of an inefficient fossil fuel subsidy?

Since 2007, the government has successfully assessed the alignment of tax measures with Canada’s G20 commitment. This work has supported significant actions by successive governments to phase out or rationalize eight tax preferences for the fossil fuel sector.

Q. In terms of reviewing inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, Canada has committed to undergo a peer review process with Argentina. When will the government complete the peer review?

Methane equivalency agreements

Q. Why has the government entered into methane equivalency agreements with some provinces?


British Columbia

Q. How serious is the Government of Canada in meeting and exceeding their 2030 commitments if major oil and gas projects (i.e. TMX) proceed?

Q.The Court's decision upholds the OIC- what happens next?

Review of light-duty vehicle regulations

Q. Will Canada also roll-back their vehicle greenhouse gas regulations to align with the U.S.?

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