Plastics and waste: appearance before the Standing Committee

Circular Economy

Q. What is the Circular Economy and how is the Federal Government addressing the issue?

The circular economy seeks to maintain the value of materials, resources and products in the economy for as long as possible and minimize the generation of waste.

As an improved economic model that takes in the multiple facets of sustainability, the circular economy has the opportunity to address a number of government priorities as they relate to a greener economy.

Through our continuous engagement on the issue we know that a number of departments are looking to use circular approaches to advance solutions for files as diverse as agriculture, transportation, fisheries and economic development. We expect this trend to increase.

The circular economy is not a cure-all for our problems – but it has strong synergies with a number of files – and is a solutions-based proposition.

The opportunities – and challenges – that a move to a more circular economy present can best be addressed together by collaboration by government, business and civil society.

International shipment of waste

Q. What is the Government of Canada doing to prevent the illegal shipment of waste to other countries?

Q. My colleague Scot Davidson introduced Bill C-204 which seeks to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 to prohibit the export of certain types of plastic waste to foreign countries for final disposal. Will the government be supporting this bill?

Plastic pollution

Q. What is the government doing to get to zero plastic waste? Will it ban single-use plastic products?

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