Water: appearance before the Standing Committee

Canada Water Agency

Q. What role will the Canada Water Agency play in addressing problems related to water quality and water quantity in Canada?

Q. Is the Government planning to revise the Canada Water Act?

Floods and droughts

Q. What are some of the Government of Canada’s investments related to floods and droughts in Canada?

Q. How does ECCC’s weather service help manage floodings in Canada?

Q. How much of the flooding is the result of climate change?

Q: How does the Government of Canada plan to address the risk of flooding to residents and communities around Lake Ontario?

Freshwater protection

Q. What is the federal government doing to protect Canada’s fresh water from pollution and algae blooms?

Oceans Protection Plan

Q. What is the Government of Canada doing to protect Canada’s oceans?


Q. What is the federal government doing to reduce the amount of untreated or undertreated wastewater effluent released in the environment?

Q. What enforcement mechanisms does the Government of Canada have for those who don’t meet Regulations by their deadline?

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