Consultation document on proposed revisions to Federal Halocarbon Regulations: chapter 8

“One-for-One” Rule and Small Business Lens

The federal government has implemented a “one-for-one” rule to reduce administrative burden on business (i.e., the time and resources spent by business to show compliance with government regulations). The “one-for-one” rule requires that regulatory changes that increase administrative burden on business be offset with equal administrative burden reductions from within existing regulations in the Environment portfolio. The rule further requires departments to consult affected businesses on the estimated administrative burden prior to seeking approval to publish draft Regulations.

If the proposed revisions have a significant impact on small business, the federal government will take special care to ensure that small business needs and capacities are considered. This will be achieved through the analysis of small business realities and consultation at the earliest stages of regulatory design. Consideration will be given to approaches that minimize costs for small business.

The purpose of these consultations is to generate discussion and ideas on the proposed revisions and to solicit additional revisions from stakeholders and Aboriginal groups. Because no decisions have been made at this point, a full understanding of the administrative burden and impacts on small business is not currently available. Once the revisions have been finalized, Environment Canada will consult with affected stakeholders and Aboriginal groups before publishing draft revised Regulations.

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