National Emissions Mark

(1) The national emissions mark is the mark set out in the Schedule.

(2) The national emissions mark shall be at least 7 mm in height and 10 mm in width.

(3) The national emissions mark shall be located:

  1. on or immediately next to the emission control information label referred to in paragraph 16(d); or
  2. if there is no such label, in a visible or readily accessible location.

(4) The national emissions mark shall be on a label that:

  1. is permanently applied;
  2. is resistant to or protected against any weather condition; and
  3. bears inscriptions that are legible and indelible and that are indented, embossed or in a colour that contrasts with the background of the label.

(5) A company that has been authorized to apply the national emissions mark shall display the identification number assigned by the Minister in figures that are at least 2 mm in height, immediately below or to the right of the national emissions mark.

A company may apply the national emissions mark to an engine that is manufactured before January 1, 2006, if:

  1. the engine conforms to the standards set out in these Regulations for engines of the 2006 model year; and
  2. the company meets the requirements of these Regulations in respect of that engine.

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