Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund

The Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund provides funding directly to provinces and territories to help them reduce carbon pollution, meet Canada’s 2030 climate target, and support our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Each province and territory will focus on the best way to deliver the funding available within their province or territory to reduce emissions given their unique climates and circumstances.

There are two parts to the Leadership Fund, the notional allocation, and the home heating oil transition funding envelope.

Notional allocation

Each province and territory is allocated a funding envelope under the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund to support climate action priorities.

Eligible activity categories to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote sustainability include: energy efficiency, fuel switching and non-energy related actions.

Examples of eligible activity types include:

These activities contribute to sustainable practices and emissions reductions across sectors.

Home heating oil transition funding

An overall funding envelope of up to $250 million for home heating oil transition is available to interested provinces and territories. It will focus on supporting regions in Canada with the greatest proportion of low-income households that use home heating oil.

This program was developed to reflect the challenges faced by low-income households facing energy poverty, and in some cases, a lack of cleaner alternative heating sources. This funding will be delivered through agreements under the Leadership Fund where interested provinces and territories submit proposals targeted to support home heating oil transition.

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For more information on funding available in your jurisdiction, please contact your provincial or territorial government.

For general questions, enquiries and news about the program please contact lcef-fefec@ec.gc.ca and include:

If you have issues or questions regarding funding recognition or branding (i.e., signs/templates to recognize federal funding, promotional materials), please contact: production@ec.gc.ca

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