Consultation and engagement: National Pollutant Release Inventory

The Government of Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) program exchanges information and ideas with stakeholders and the public. This sharing is designed to:  

The multi-stakeholder work group has been gathering input from stakeholders and advising the Government of Canada since the NPRI was created in 1993. Consultation follows a published process for proposing and considering changes.

NPRI activities

We consider the advice of stakeholders – the providers and users of our data – and the public as we plan data collection, develop reporting requirements and create tools to interpret data. We post the actions we take and the results we achieve to the NPRI website.

Learn what data NPRI users need

Activities Frequency
Engage various users of NPRI data, and encourage them to send questions, suggestions, and comments to Ongoing
Host workshops to share user experiences about tools to access and understand NPRI data Every 3 to 5 years
Survey users to understand needs and measure progress About every 10 years
Implementation of partnerships and collaborations with users to maintain direct contact with them and thus better understand their needs Ongoing

Seek stakeholder advice on changes to NPRI reporting requirements

Activities Frequency
Welcome proposals for changes to the NPRI Ongoing
Seek advice on priorities from the Multi-Stakeholder Work Group for updates to reporting requirements Every 3 years
Post proposed changes on the NPRI website for comment and notify stakeholders on distribution list Each consultation period
Follow a formal Process for proposing and considering changes to the NPRI Ongoing
Host meetings with the Multi-Stakeholder Work Group to talk about possible changes to the NPRI 2 to 4 virtual meetings per year (during consultation periods) and one face-to-face meeting every 2 years
Post outcomes of consultations on the NPRI website and make information on what we heard during consultations available to stakeholders Every 3 years when NPRI’s Canada Gazette notice is published

Work with other government programs and international organizations

Activities Frequency
Collaborate with other government programs and gather information on their data user needs Ongoing
Collaborate with international partners to improve data sharing and best practices on pollutant inventories Ongoing

Update stakeholders on changes to the NPRI program

Activities Frequency
Post important NPRI milestones and activities to the Government of Canada website and social media Ongoing
Provide video tutorials to teach users how to access NPRI data and products Ongoing
Meet with the multi-stakeholder work group to update on NPRI activities 2 to 4 virtual meetings per year and one face-to-face meeting every 2 years
Send updates to the distribution lists for the multi-stakeholder work group, data users, the CEPA national advisory committee and other stakeholders Ongoing

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