WeatherCAN: How to set up custom notifications

Learn about custom Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) notifications and how to quickly set them up in the WeatherCAN app.

How to set up custom AQHI notifications

What are Custom AQHI notifications?

Custom AQHI notifications alert you when your chosen AQHI value has been reached or is forecasted, so you can take steps to protect yourself and those in your care from the effects of air pollution. You can set up notifications in the WeatherCAN app in a few simple steps.

How do custom AQHI notifications work?

You can set custom notifications for your unique risk level, depending on your sensitivity to air pollution. The notifications alert you when your chosen AQHI value has been reached or is forecasted for your selected locations.

You can turn custom AQHI notifications on if they are available for your chosen location. By doing this, you will get AQHI notifications for the current conditions and for the forecast. Notifications will also be sent when:

  • The current AQHI conditions or forecast have reached or exceeded your custom value compared to the previous hour.
  • The current AQHI conditions have decreased below your custom value in the previous hour.
How often will I get custom AQHI notifications?

AQHI notifications are sent based on the number of locations that are turned on and the value set for each location. Current AQHI conditions are updated every hour and forecasts are issued twice daily at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time, with updates as needed. You can limit the number of notifications by reducing the number of locations turned on or increasing the value set for notifications.

How are custom AQHI notifications different from air quality advisories?

You receive Special Air Quality Advisories for your saved locations when there is a high level of health risk to the general population (the AQHI reaches 7). The custom AQHI notifications feature allows users to set notifications for any value between 3 and 10+. This is especially useful if you or someone in your care is sensitive to air pollution.

How do I choose the correct AQHI number for notifications?

You should choose your AQHI number using your own experience and symptoms as a guide. If you are sensitive to air pollution, you may want to set notifications for the moderate risk category (4 to 6). If you are not sensitive to pollution, you may only want to set notifications for when AQHI reaches the high-risk category (7 to 10).

How do I set custom AQHI notifications?

Download the latest version of the application.

Visit the Google Play or Apple store to download the latest version of the WeatherCAN app.

Open the WeatherCAN app.

WeatherCAN app interface.

Tap the three line menu icon on the top left-hand corner of the app.

WeatherCAN app interface with top left-side menu icon highlighted.

Tap “Notifications”.

App menu with notifications link (3rd link) highlighted.

Tap “AQHI”.

Note: if you do not see “AQHI” as an option, the location you have selected may not be covered by the AQHI. AQHI information is only available for locations where data can be collected. You can set notifications for a nearby area or contact your local public health office, Ministry of Environment, or local lung and asthma association chapter for available local resources on air quality and your health.

Notifications menu with AQHI highlighted (2nd link under notifications).

Turn on notifications for your current location and any saved locations.

AQHI notifications menu with notification options displayed for all Locations, current location and a variety of other locations.

A slider bar should appear. You can use this to set custom AQHI notifications at a value from 3 to 10+. If you want to set the same AQHI value for all your saved locations, turn on “All Locations”.

AQHI notifications menu with slider bars displayed for all Locations, current location and Fredericton, NB. All slider bars are set to 5.

After turning on “All Locations”, you can set individual locations to different numbers.

AQHI notifications menu with slider bars displayed for all locations and current location. All locations is set to 7 and current location is set to 5.
How do I see current AQHI information in the app?

Click the “Now” tab.

App interface with the “Now” tab highlighted, which is located right under the top left-side menu.

Click the down arrow below “Sunrise – Sunset” to see the air quality information.

App interface with the down arrow below “Sunrise – Sunset” highlighted.

If an AQHI observation is available for your selected area, you will see it listed.

App interface with air quality observation highlighted.

You can click “Air quality” to access more AQHI information for your selected location.

Air quality information page showing observed conditions and forecast maximums.

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